Can I do my own air conditioner maintenance

For individuals living in hot and humid areas, air conditioning has become one of the most important household appliances. This can be attributed to the many benefits associated with air conditioning units, such as dehydration and room cooling. For more aircon sercvicing Singapore , please visit Airconman Sg Pte Ltd.

It is widely believed among many people that owning an air conditioner usually requires the purchase and installation of a unit. However, this is not the problem. Just like having other electrical appliances, proper maintenance of other electrical appliances is also key. Some of the benefits associated with proper air conditioning maintenance include.

The lifespan of air conditioning units is long and usually requires maintenance, which can usually minimize the possibility of air conditioning unit failure, and essentially extend its lifespan.

Efficient and tidy air conditioning units tend to be more efficient.

Improved respiratory health — these are other important factors associated with air conditioning maintenance. Filters and air holes in air conditioning units are responsible for trapping dust, microorganisms and fungi in the air. These pollutants are usually removed during maintenance. In a practical sense, this helps reduce the risk of personal respiratory problems.

Individuals can perform air conditioning maintenance in a variety of ways: Individuals can decide to do maintenance themselves or seek the services of an HVAC technician to perform maintenance. The process of air conditioning repair usually involves the following. 

Clean the condenser unit

The condenser unit is usually located outside the building and its job is to put fresh air into the house. When cleaning the condenser unit, the first step is to remove all leaves and debris that may be trapped inside the unit. Then wipe the cooler located inside the device, if bent, straighten. All moving parts in the condenser unit must also be lubricated.

Replace the air filter

This is one of the easiest tasks in the maintenance of air conditioning. To replace the air filter, remove the air conditioner or shell before replacing the filter. During replacement, the equipment should be cleaned and sanitized properly.

Channel maintenance

Air ducts are very useful for energy efficiency of air conditioners. Therefore, pipeline systems are usually inspected for leaks during maintenance. These leaks should be closed properly to increase the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. Dust, pollen and other pollutants also easily accumulate in the airways, so the ducts should also be cleaned properly.

Cooling inspection

Also check the amount of coolant in the air conditioning system. If the coolant is lower than the recommended value, usually the material needs to be refilled. However, this should be done by a trained professional.

Certain aspects of air conditioning maintenance can be done by individuals. However, highly specialized air conditioning maintenance tasks (such as changing refrigerants) require specialized knowledge and should not be attempted.