Cherry Garden: With Iris Pumila

They have the same dramatic impact as their taller cousins but are smaller in stature and bloom earlier. The charming Iris Cherry Garden wine-red flowers with purple beards are beautiful tucked in a rock garden. The clump is made up of light green leaves with upright stems that bloom from April to May.

Cherry Garden Notable Features

  • Deer Resistant
  • Humidity Tolerant
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • General Information about Iris

Dwarf Bearded Iris is the smallest Bearded Irise, reaching 18 inches in height. They bloom the earliest. They can be planted in rock gardens, or in drifts to create a colorful carpet. All potted plants cannot be shipped into Idaho from Idaho at the moment.

Iris Plant Care

Iris thrives in well-drained soils. Plants should be placed so that the tops of the Rhizomes are visible and the roots face downwards into the soil. Plants should be given deep watering every other day, rather than less frequent, shallow waterings. Once established, plants are drought-tolerant. Divide every 3-4 year. Reduce the number of clumps that become too dense. A light application of balanced fertilizer, about one month after bloom, will reap the benefits.

This area was planted to complement the surrounding woodland banks. Many varieties of cherry trees can be found here, as well as plants that grow in dappled sun.

Springtime Celebration

The garden is alive and well in spring garbage to garden . The stunning range of colours offered by Primula sieboldii is a collection that was collected from east Asia.

Uvularia, also known as bellwort, is another woodlander that comes from North America. The yellow hanging bell flowers make it a stunning sight in spring.

Many cherry trees can be found here, as the name suggests. An old Prunus Tai Haku (great white cherry) is located at the garden’s edge. This Japanese cultivar is very rare. The Japanese extinct tree was discovered in a Sussex garden by Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram in 1923. He reintroduced the tree to Japan after 10 years of propagation.

  • Iris ‘Cherry Gardens’ (SDB).
  • Other common names
  • Iris ‘Cherry Garden”
  • Synonyms
  • Iris pumila “Cherry Garden”
  • Family
  • Iridaceae
  • Genus

Rhizomatous perennials such as iris may have narrow leaves or erect stems that bear flowers with 3 large, spreading, or pendent, fall petals. These petals alternate with 3 standard, smaller, petals in the spring, summer, or late winter.

Horticultural Group

Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises are perennials that grow 20-40cm high and bear flowers of 5-7cm across. They bloom in late spring or early Summer.

More Details

The perennial Cherry Garden” can grow to 30 cm in height and has grey-green strap-like foliage. The flowers are deep red-purple and have dark purple beards. They bloom from mid- to late spring.