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Crow Creek Designs

Crow Creek Designs by Jess Crow provides a distinctive style of furniture and art using vibrant colors and natural patterns. Jess, an Alaskan woman, is dedicated to building a community using woodworking and art.

The following are some of the items available at Crow Creek Designs.

Geodesic wine glass holder

This wine glass holder is a must-have storage piece for wine lovers. Designed by Crow Creek Designs, the glass holder is made out of sturdy natural wood and resin and resembles a geode. The masterpiece is crafted with top-notch uniqueness; hence, it cannot be reproduced. It allows you to organize and de-clutter your kitchen and display your stemware conveniently. The Geodesic glass holder stands out from other wine glass holders due to its sturdy construction and simplistic yet chic design. Moreover, it’s versatile enough to complement your kitchen’s décor with its attractive-looking finish. With its functionality, the Geodesic wine glass holder is an excellent addition to any wine lover’s kitchen. 

Wood 2’ wall art Surfboard

This classic inspired board is designed to portray waves and a smooth ride.  The two-inch tall surfboard is made from birch and resin and combines a versatile outline and performance.

Custom aurora ornament

Crow Creek Designs’ aurora ornaments are made out of high-quality metal and exhibit ultimate uniqueness; hence, they cannot be reproduced. The hand-painted ornaments are perfect keepsakes and gifts for holiday seasons. The ornaments feature designs that are specially imprinted into the metal to ensure they do not rub off.

Northern Lights Coaster Set

Crow Creek Designs allows you to add inspiring colors to your décor with Northern lights coaster set. The dazzling beauty of this work of art is sure to make a statement in your space. This set features a high-quality finish and lustrous hues. It’s handmade and hand-painted, making each piece a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones.  Liven up your space with this distinctive Northern lights coaster set from Crow Creek Designs.

Signature 12’’ ‘Wave’ Charcuterie Board

This premium quality charcuterie board is made from high-quality Alaskan Birch, making it an adorable centerpiece on any table. Measuring a super-sized 12 inches long, this sturdy serving board provides an ample surface to serve meats, sandwiches, cheese, and any other appetizers. Alaskan Birch guarantees durability, yet easy on knives. The board features a beautiful inlay design, and it’s easy to clean.  Along with being an exceptional serving surface, the board is an excellent addition to any dining space. This board is a perfect gift for housewarmings and any other occasion. 

Orca whale resin painting

Add magnificence to your tabletops with this Orca whale resin painting from Crow Creek Designs. The unique masterpiece is artistically made from birch, hand-painted, and a resin wave applied for a classic look. The elegant and versatile painting is sure to fit to complement your home décor. This decorative tabletop painting will thrill your guests and make an eye-catching display.  

These are just but a few of the inspiring pieces of art available at Crow Creek Designs. There are many more masterpieces that are sure to add a unique touch to your home at Crow Creek Designs.