Custom Made slipcovers – Why Are They The Perfect Choice?

Custom made slipcovers are an ideal alternative to expensive reupholstering. There are many fabrics available to choose from and you can select from many style options that will work well with the style of the room from classic to transitional to modern.

Many people see slipcovers as fussy ruffled things, but that is something of the past. Modern, well tailored slipcovers inspired by the stylings of stores such as Restoratation Hardware are impressive for their simplicity and suitability in a contemporary space.

Professionally custom made furniture covers can be created with piping and pleats for the traditional space, or simple topstitching in the most contemporary houses.

Slipcovers have many advantages. Key is the ability to wash your furniture cover frequently. This creates a more hygenic household. When you consider that upholstery can be sat on for years, it is a wonder that people use it at all. Steam cleaning can help, but will never entirely remove dirt and it is expensive, when compared to the washing machine. In fact a slipcover may pay for itself over the years, in saved cleaning charges.

Sofa covers will contribute to a less stressful family environment. You will no longer need to worry about a guest spilling a glass of wine or your childs’ greasy fingers. A sofa is never more important than your families’ happiness.

If you are considering replacing older furniture that is structurally sound, consider slipcovers instead. This is a much better choice for the enviroment. Older furniture is difficult to get rid of and most ends up in landfill. At the same time you can restyle your furniture by updating and changing the shape of the pillows, restuffing and plumping the cushions, and replacing worn out foam seating, if neccessary. At the home visit to measure and shop for fabrics, your slipcover professional can make recommendations based on your budget.

Older furniture was always better made than it is today. Most sofas for sale today are made from cheaper and younger, less dense wood and will not hold up nearly as long. In fact, a $2000 sofa will probably only last a few years. Many people are beginning to recognise that replacing furniture every few years is not a sustainable practice and harmful to the environment.

Every new peice of furnitute brings with it Volatile Organic Compounds which leach into the air, creating pollution and harm your family’s health. Your older furniture has already gone through this process, so why start it again?

Another advantage to slipcovers is that the furniture never has to be moved. A pattern is created directly from your furniture and the completed slipcover will be delivered to you and installed. So you will not have to spend weeks without your furniture while it sits in the basement of an upholstery shop, waiting for work to be completed.

When considering the advantages of slipcovers, do factor in saving yourself the time and money spent shopping for replacements. This is so great if you find shopping for new items stressful.

Fabrics for Your Slipcovers

Choose from thousands of multipurpose fabrics available today. At the home visit, your slipcover professional can make recommendations based on your budget.

When comfort is the major concern, natural fibers are the way to go. Cotton and linen are soft and lovely to sit against. Over time they become softer. Wrinkles. and shrinkage can be avoided with cold water and the ‘almost dry” setting in the laundry. Replace the sofa covers when they are still a little damp and gently hand smooth the fabrics. No ironing required!

When you are looking for something long wearing and stain resistant, washable polyester-cotton blends can be equally comfortable but more practical.

You may also wish to consider an all polyester chenille which is almost indestructible. Many people have the impression that polyester is not a comfortable fabric, however they have made great strides in improving the textures available in synthetic fabrics in the past few years. These fabrics can also be cozy in rooms used in the winter.

Some clients will consider a cotton slipcover for the hot summer months to cover chenille upholstery, or a chenille slipcover for the winter months, to cover a linen upholstery, replacing the covers seasonally.

A new non toxic stain treatment is also available which does not wash out and allows you to wipe clean any spills or spots adding years of use to any slipcover and making your investment worry free.

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