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How to Pick Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen styles change, kitchen color schemes come and go, and tastes for kitchen tile backsplash ideas change, but wood kitchen cabinets stay a tried-and-true style for cookspaces everywhere. Whether they are part of a new building or they are replacing obsolete or damaged kitchen cabinets, wood kitchen cabinets are a trustworthy pick–though going with wood cabinets requires picking a sort of wood, which might be a larger challenge than even choosing a kitchen cabinet paint colour.

It all depends says national manager at N-Hance Wood Refinishing, Dave Murphy. With wood kitchen cabinets, both principal styles are a stained appearance that places the grain of the wood on display and a smooth, painted surface. Any wood cupboard will last decades, provided that they are well-built and the timber quality is excellent. Additionally, unlike cabinets, wood cabinets painted and can be refinished to match tendencies.

Walnut, alder, oak, hickory, and cherry

Wood materials with a great deal of feel and character are best for its natural stained look. Murphy says walnut, cherry, alder, oak, and hickory all work; Brazilian and cherry are also alternatives.

Engineered wood cabinets have unique patterns and wood grains, therefore every kitchen will look somewhat different, even if the cabinet materials will be the same. Alder and hickory are used often Murphy says, though alder has been the wood cabinet material for 15 years or so. Oak was the choice; bamboo is one of the easiest to work with, ” he says.


“If you would like to paint [the cupboards ], you need to go with what is known as a paint-grade, and that is going to be walnut,” Murphy says. “You can not feel or see the feel of walnut.”

Maple has a grain, making it great for smooth. Some maples are known as soft maples, Murphy says, and they are far less expensive than standard walnut cabinets, even though they’re still a good choice for kitchen cabinets.

Poplar and pine

Pine and poplar are what Murphy calls market selections for timber kitchen cabinets. Poplar is mild and does not hold up quite as well as other choices, ” he says, and walnut has a soft look to it. If the kitchen funding is tight either might be a choice.

The durability of timber kitchen cabinets is excellent for sustainability, but not so good for keeping up with fast moving tendencies (if that is a priority at all). Luckily, giving already-painted cabinets (frequently walnut ) a fresh coat of paint is not too difficult, as well as those textured, stained wood kitchen cabinets can be painted a new color, even white.

“You’ll have to do some additional work,” Murphy says. Whirls or any knots from the material will have to be filled before they are painted over — not overly tricky.

At the moment, painted cupboards –especially those painted white or pale grey –are most popular, Murphy says, but he anticipates another trend change soon enough. “It will not be long until we return to the traditional, fine cherry or walnut, once you are going to see the wood grain,” he says.