Air “Icon Cooler” Buying Tips

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Air Cooler

India’s temperatures are rising with the icon cooler arrival of a long, hot summer. People turn to cooling appliances to cool their homes and offices. A cool, comfortable place hudson valley craigslist to be on a hot summer’s day is the air-cooled room. However, air conditioners can make it more expensive. Skyrocketing electricity prices and summers are a nightmare for many home and business owners. Air icon coolers are a great solution as they are much more efficient than air conditioners, produce fresh and healthy air, and are also far less expensive than the energy-hungry ones.

What is the Work of an Air Icon Cooler?

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporate cooling, where water is evaporated to cool the air. Evaporative cooling can be illustrated sprinkles irrigation by the sweating of humans. The cooling effect is created when sweat evaporates. If the air is icon cooler, the warm, but still fresh, air passes plato’s closet through an evaporating medium, cooling pads. Water is then moved through this media with the aid of a pump.

Benefits of using Air Icon Coolers

Energy Efficiency – On average, an air icon cooler consumes 10 times more energy than a standard air conditioner. This means that consumers will see a reduction in their electricity bills. Many air coolers are equipped with inverter technology, which further reduces energy usage. Inverter air coolers from Orient Electric powered by ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor), offer up to 50% energy and electricity savings compared to regular air coolers.

Inverter air icon cooler have an additional advantage: they make less noise due to their Electronically Commutated motor, making it easier to work as well as attend to a video conference.

An air cooler is much more affordable than an air conditioner in terms of capital and recurring costs.

Air coolers are environment-friendly – They do not use toxic chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, but instead use natural evaporative cooling. This makes them an eco-friendly choice.

Quality of air – Air icon cooler circulate cool air by pulling hot air from the outside and cooling it down. The circulated air is also filtered and moist, making it easy to inhale and keeping your skin hydrated. ACs, on the other hand circulate the same stale indoor air.