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Iconic Design Posters from Paper Collective

Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and art for decades. The Danish web shop known as Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has plenty of contemporary graphic designers and artists worthy of attention.

They produce iconic design posters for a good cause by working together with both the renowned and newly discovered graphic designers to create unique art prints and graphics. All prints of Paper Collective have visual specialties which make them stand out.

Paper Collective

But there is more than just the images for Paper Collective. The company keeps to its principles in this rapidly accelerating world by always observing a good cause behind every art and graphic where 15% of Paper Collective’s income is directly donated to charity organizations chosen by the respective designer.

This way, the artistic posters support charity organizations such as Greenpeace and the Danish Cancer Aid among others. Each poster is produced in limited editions of 300 – 500 pieces in local factories at Copenhagen to ensure exclusivity. Paper Collective only uses FSC certified paper and produces all art prints with the Nordic seal of environmental friendliness, similar to the Blauer Engel system of Germany.

The company sells a selection of posters by Scandinavian artists and illustrators such as Hvass and Hannibal well renowned for their poppy, colorful designs. Paper Collective’s well-edited selection makes it easy to find new favorites, too, like 22-year old Emelie Iman whose famous  intricate “Babushka” and “Al Niqab Al Hamra” prints are part of a series of illustrations that depict women and ethnicities from around the world.

The site also acknowledges Denmark’s design heritage, with unique art and Copenhagen posters framed and hung in different beautiful interiors. The images make it easy to picture the posters in your own home, making them extra covetable. Combined with the charitable aspect, Paper Collective inspires on a number of levels and below is two of their best-selling pieces of art.

1.      Skin Deep 01

Minorstep (Germany)

Skin Deep 01 by German photographer George Kroustallis popularly known as Minorstep is one of three photographic artworks part of a series from the photographer’s extensive documentation of bodies and the beautiful variations of a human skin. His images elegantly combine elements of fashion photography with excellent composition and beautiful tactility.

George Kroustallis (Minorstep) is a Berlin based image director and photographer whose work traverses form, interesting light and femininity by applying the concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life and body.
Working across various projects, Minorstep defining attention to detail is a result of his unique eye for light and composition with a big emphasis on minimalism and neutral color palettes.

when one buys this poster they help build the Paper Collective School in Nepal.

2.      Blomst 05 / Petrolium

Blomst 05 / Petrolium is one of the poster series called Blomst which is handpicked by Uffe and Paper Collective from more than hundred flower arrangements in Uffe’s book of the same name. As a fashion person Uffe Buchard is first and foremost a visually driven man who is easily seduced by beautiful aesthetics. This explains why his Blomst project is a visual inspiration for flower arrangements and a personal tribute to the unmatched natural beauty of flowers. 

Uffe Buchard is one of the most well-known personalities in the Danish Fashion industry. For more than 20 years he has been communicating news from the world of fashion and style to the Danes. Uffe Buchard is currently the Editor in Chief of DANSK Magazine, Creative Director at the Darling Creative Studio and the Curator of the Fashion on Print.

the papers used in both arts is a 250g matt coated, FSC certified, acid-free paper that is produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.