Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: Practical Tips And Easy-To-Do Decorative Touches


    The kitchen is not just the part of your home where you cook and eat. It is practically the heart of your home where all the action takes place. We spend time with the family, we entertain friends, and we enjoy quality time with our loved ones in the kitchen.

    Your appliances and cabinets might be taking most of the space in your kitchen, but the remaining wall space can be a blank canvas to give the space more life.

    Here are some kitchen wall decor ideas to consider:

    Add A Splash Of Color

    You have cabinets that are often in wood tones or white, and your appliances may come in stainless steel, gray, white, or black. If you want to add some color into your kitchen, your best option is to add some kitchen wall decor.

    You have a myriad of kitchen wall decor ideas to choose from. The easiest option is to add tiles in bright colors. You can also hang some festive plates, artwork, or photos on the kitchen wall.

    Showcase Your Lovely Kitchenwares

    Let your kitchenware steal the show. You can put up your a pot rack and let your copper cookware scream for some attention. When you do this, you free up some precious space in your cabinets and at the same time create a pleasant focal point without spending too much money.

    If you don’t want to hang your pots, you can use open shelves and display a colorful assortment of plates, pans, pitchers, and glasses. You just need to arrange them artistically to achieve that look.

    Personalize It Using Chalkboard Paint

    If you have a big, blank kitchen wall, one of the best kitchen wall decor ideas is to use black chalkboard paint to dress it up. The black wall can be an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. It can be a multi-functional decor that the whole family can use and enjoy.

    White Walls

    Decorating the kitchen wall can be a daunting task for a lot of homeowners. If you are leaning toward the neutral palette, keeping the walls white is one of your best options. When you do this, you have so much freedom to update your tiles, textiles, runners, among other elements in the kitchen.

    Little Things

    Pay attention to the little things and you’ll see some dash of color here and there can add some vibrancy to your kitchen without having to worry that you might be going overboard. Make sure that you just keep things interesting and not too overwhelming to the eyes.

    Oversized Letters

    Designers today also love to use large-format, colorful letters in the kitchen. These letters are often made from wood or metal but are light enough so you can hang them on the wall without any hassle. Pick letters that are meaningful to you or represent something important to the members of your household.

    Create A Theme

    If you want to make your kitchen walls interesting, you can pick a central theme so your choices will revolve around that theme. Your can create a flora and fauna scene, a barnyard feel, a busy kitchen scene. The choices are endless and it is up to you to create the look that you want to achieve. is your little corner of the internet where you can find a ton of kitchen wall decor ideas and other interior decorating tips from experts.

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