Low Cost Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans have become very popular with UK consumers. Taking out a secured home loan against the equity you have invested in your home is a quick, easy way of getting cash for home repairs, home extensions, kitchen renovations etc. In fact, you can use homeowner loans for just about any purpose at all.

Finding a lender who will provide a Home Improvement Loan to just about anyone isn’t a problem at all – there are dozens of UK lenders who specialize in making Home Improvement Loans to people with any sort of credit in any type of circumstances. The very availability of Home Improvement Loans, though, presents a problem – sorting through all the available lenders to find the best Home Improvement Loan for your circumstances.

So, what is the best Home Improvement Loan in the UK? The truth is, there is no one easy answer – because depending on your circumstances, there are many best homeowner secured loans available. It is far more valuable to learn how to pick and choose among Home Improvement Loans to find the best one to suit your personal needs.

Your very first step is to find a good source of Home Improvement Loans information. That’s where you can do your homework. There are lots of sites where you can compare Home Improvement Loans from various providers so that you can apply for those that are best for you. You’ll find profiles that will let you compare APRs as well as useful articles that can help you choose between types of Home Improvement Loans and providers. More importantly, you can be sure that the lenders listed are legitimate UK lenders which you can trust with your loan applications.

The real trick is to decide which criteria are the most important comparison points for your personal situation. Some of the criteria you need to consider is as follows:

Loan Availability

Is this a loan that you can get? All UK lenders have specific criteria for deciding on whether or not to lend their money to an applicant. If your credit is poor, then it does not make any sense to apply for a loan meant for people with an excellent credit history.

Loan Amount

In some cases, the amount of the loan you need will help you rule out certain lenders. You obviously won’t apply to a lender who only will approve loans up to £10,000 if you know that you need twice that. However, many lenders will not tell you the amount that they will approve until you request a quote from them. Once you have that, once again, you can eliminate those that cannot meet your needs.


The annual percentage rate is the rate of interest you will pay on a secured home improvement loan expressed as an annual figure. While many finance experts will tell you this is the most important comparison point, it’s only one comparison point. A loan with a low APR and a short repayment term may still be unaffordable because your monthly payment is beyond your budget means.

Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating, is increasingly important, will definitely affect the type of home loan for which you apply, as well as the amount the lender will be willing to lend and the interest rate that they will offer. Before applying for an online loan or otherwise, take your time to check your own credit report, now easily available online, and make any necessary corrections you need to get your credit rating as good as possible.


Shopping for the best Home Improvement Loans in the UK can be much easier is you use just one of the many specialist sites where you fill in one application form and they in turn search 100’s of lenders on your behalf. These services are normally free and easy to use and will save you lots of time while searching for your home improvement loan.

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