Interior Design

Planning Tips for the Most Rewarding Interior Design Consultation

Imagine yourself in a space that looks great, feels good, and is your own. This home will be the envy of all your friends and family. It’s the ideal place to host holiday parties or just to relax for the evening.

You can imagine the benefits of 20 years of experience in professional design and decorating. This will give you the confidence to create a space, knowing that your ideas are vetted by an experienced expert.

We are available to help you make the right interior design choices for your home.

We’ve listed some things you can do now to get ready for the first step of your home renovation, design or decorating project.

Know your goals

Are you looking to make this your family’s dream house for the next 20+ years? Or are you planning to fix it up and sell it next year?

It is important to know your goals in order to get the best advice. We might recommend generic, affordable, and cost-effective solutions if you’re looking to fix up a property for quick sale. We will recommend more customized, high-quality solutions that will last for many years if you’re designing a home your family will love.

Set your budget

It is important to know how much you can afford and what you feel comfortable spending. This information will help you navigate this process.

Also, consider what you will do in the event that your budget is not sufficient to complete the project. Do you want to compromise on the overall design? Or would you rather do it in stages?

A professional can give you advice on the best way to proceed and provide feedback about your budget.

Take a look at how you live in this space

You may have heard the expression “Form follows Function” which means that how you use a space affects its design.

If your living room is a formal reception area, it will look very different from the space where you gather with family to watch TV.

Be upfront and specific about your needs

Carpets should be able to hide dirt from your dog’s sheds. We also need to know if the cleaning lady is only available twice per month.

We don’t judge and we can help you enjoy your home to its fullest.

Make sure you have all materials available for consideration

The Design Discovery Session is a meeting where we bring our professional experience, fresh eyes, a tape-measure, and samples of paint.

We need to see any materials or other items that you have on-site in order to consider them when giving you advice.

We need to see the antique chair of your great aunt in person if you would like our opinion.

Discover Your Likes and Dislikes

One picture is worth 1000 words. That’s why we asked you to create a Houzz Ideabook or a Pinterest Board where you collect half a dozen photos of rooms you love. This allows you to reflect on what you love and dislike without having to worry about how to describe your style in words.

These images are shared with us so that you can see what you like about each space. We often see a pattern that helps us to define our preferences.

Identify the decision makers

You should involve as many family members or partners as you can in your project’s success.

They should work together in the pre-work, including weighing in on the budget and compiling images to demonstrate their preferences. We insist that all decision-makers participate in the presentation meeting, where the major decisions will be made.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Interior Design Consultation

Clarify your style

A designer can help you find the perfect products and mood for your space.

Visual Examples

Take inspiration photos to capture your style, favorite color palette, and overall aesthetic that you want to achieve.


Send us samples of any elements that you’d like to include in your new design, or existing features. You can send us samples of your countertops, cabinets, and paint. These are great resources to ensure that the whole room is cohesive and consistent.

Take a look at your lifestyle

While style is important, it is equally important to live in the space. Consider your daily life and how each product will affect your daily routine. Luxury vinyl might be more practical than hardwood because it is durable and scratch resistant.

Consider Timelines and Budgets

It is important to remember the importance of budgets and timeframes. It is possible to identify the most important elements of your project and create a budget. Your designer should be notified if you are working within a short timeframe. We have many options, including in-stock products.

Communicate the Must-Haves

Your designer will appreciate more details. Consider the style and flow that you desire.

Measurements of your Space

Bring any blueprints or measurements of your space to your consultation. Even if your measurements are only preliminary, they will give your designer an idea of the layout.