Interior Design

How to Prepare for “Pallet Paintings”

You can transform wood pallets by painting them. These are some things you should know before you begin to work with pallet paintings for interior home uses.

Check The Pallet Paintings for Warning Signs

If the pallet is contaminated with harmful bacteria or other contaminants, you may not be able to use it. The pallet paintings that has been kiln-dried will have a HT (heat treated) mark. This is safer than pallets that were not kiln-dried.

  • Disassembling Methods
  • Once you’ve decided your pallet is safe, start working.

These are some of the different ways you can disassemble a pallet paintings. Ways to Disassemble Pallet

Prep Work

After your pallet paintings have been disassembled, it is now ready to be painted. This section can be sanded with an electric sander. To avoid any hiller plumbing splinters or backbreaking work, pallets are very rough. I recommend an orbital or mouse-sander. Use a damp cloth to clean the dust off the pallet. TSP is also available, but I prefer to use a damp cloth. To ensure that the paint sticks to the wood, clean it well.

Is Primer pallet paintings for you?

Because pallets can be porous Plato’s Closet , it could cause uneven paint results. Priming wood is a good idea before you paint. You can skip the primer if you want a rustic and aged look. If the wood is not oily, the paint will adhere well to the pallet paintings. However, if the wood is dry and porous paint should stick fine, especially if it was sanded properly. Primer will only give your paint job a smooth finish.

After you have primed, sanded and cleaned your creation, you can paint it. Here are some ideas for your next pallet paintings project. I wish you all the best with your paint pallets.