Plumbing problems you should never fix yourself

When household issues crop up, it can be tempting to try DIY treatment in the hopes of avoiding a substantial blow to the piggy bank. Often, though, this can end in tears in the long run by delaying the proper care and causing more substantial plumbing issues down the line which, in turn, can end up being far more costly to remedy. Not only this, but some home-fixes can have severe safety ramifications – if in doubt, call a professional.

Stormwater Drain Issues

Your roof is connected to sumps in the garden via pipes – these are your stormwater drains. Once the water is collected, it is then released into the surface wastewater system in your street or to the water table.  It is not uncommon for these drains to become blocked by vegetation, silt or dirt which can build up in the pipes and obstruct the flow of water. Professionals can use a machine which uses high water pressure to eliminate the blockage safely and can also check it over for any damage or instillation errors to help aid the functionality of the pipes.

Disfunctional Water Heater Units

Whether your heater is run by gas or electricity, it’s not something to mess with yourself when it’s on the blink. There is always the possibility of making things worse when you don’t know exactly what’s gone wrong or how to fix it, but also, as you can imagine, mixing water/electricity/gas can have serious consequences for you or your family members. One thing you can do to help the professionals and prepare for their arrival is to try to identify the source of the leak and switch off the gas/power board.

Sewage System Problems

I’m sure you can imagine the potentially disastrous effects of ineffectively fixing a sewage system issue on your property, or even worse, within the home itself. So before you go digging around your garden to find the culprit, call in the professionals. You could end up discovering that the issue is either on council or private land such as your neighbour’s property. A plumber will be able to do this work for you without the risk of potentially causing damage to pipes which may, in turn, affect surrounding properties.

Gas Leaks

Needless to say, gas leaks should always be seen to by a professional and treated as an emergency. If you discover a gas leak in your home it is important to remember the volatility and danger of the situation – never try to fix this by yourself. What you can do, is to evacuate the building and call a professional immediately.

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