Saigon Garden Mall – Everything you Need To Know

Saigon Garden Mall’s green design and exquisite decoration make it a great place to relax, enjoy delicious food and drink, and shop for souvenirs, clothes, accessories and clothing in Ho Chi Chi Minh City. Saigon Garden Mall may not be as big as other shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City but its beautiful, eco-friendly exterior and interior design, as well as the great location, make it worthwhile.


This mall has a lot of green space, both indoor and outdoor. The mall is surrounded by mini gardens. Green trees and plants can be found everywhere. The modern green façade of the building can be seen as well as the gardens directly in front. There are many plants on every floor, including plants in pots, plants hanging from hooks, and wall-mounted pots. They can be found on balconies, walls, around entrances, and windows. A glass roof is used to ensure that the area under the roof and trees receive enough natural light.

The facade of Saigon Garden Mall is adorned with green plants and vines. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Starbucks are two of the most well-known coffee shops in the world. They offer both indoor and outdoor space.


Saigon Garden Mall’s unique architecture makes it stand out from other buildings along Nguyen Hue Street. This is why it attracts the majority of passengers.

Saigon Garden Mall includes many old houses that are adjacent to each other on Nguyen Hue and Huynh Thuc Khang Streets. These homes have been renovated and rehabilitated. Some houses are influenced by French architecture and have an old Saigon architecture. Modern architecture is found in the other houses, which have steel windows and glass. Each house was opened separately in the past. They are now all one. It looks like a mall from the outside. Visitors are pleasantly surprised when they enter the mall. It is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes that are all housed in charming houses. Many people feel as if they are in Western countries.


Saigon Garden Mall’s decorations are also eye-catching and dedicated. As mentioned above, this environmentally-friendly mall is decorated with thousands of green plants and trees. Twinkle light ropes can be hung from trees and rolled around them, while light balls can be hung above. There are many ceiling lightings in the mall. The mall has many areas that are tiled with wood, which adds warmth to the environment. Every store, restaurant and cafe is designed and decorated in a fashionable way.


Modern air conditioning systems help to regulate the temperature and humidity in Saigon Garden Mall. The indoor area is lit by the lightning system. A motorbike parking area is available in front of the mall for a small fee.