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Shatto Home Delivery: Delivers More than Groceries

KEARNEY, Mo. Shatto Home Delivery takes the concept of a milkman to a whole new level. It delivers Shatto Milk, local groceries, and masks to your doorsteps.

“We have received many requests from customers to order masks and COVID testing kits, as well as items that can be delivered directly to their homes. We were able to locate those products for our customers, so we are happy,” stated Matt Shatto, Shatto Home Delivery’s owner.

Shatto stated that they were able to fulfill the needs of customers and spice things up a little. Shatto stated that COVID has allowed them to be more valuable to our customers. It allows them to stay at diamond home improvement and allow them to travel in the way they want.

It is not easy to find KN95 masks or COVID-19 testing kit inventory to keep in stock. Shatto stated, “Unfortunately I’m certain we are unable to buy these supplies as high as other companies because we are a small ma and p family farm delivery solutions business.”

Shatto explained that the company’s role is to add these items along with many other groceries, in order to ease customers during times of uncertainty.

Shatto stated, “We look back at the past year and reflect on the stories, experiences, and the opportunities we’ve had, both as a company and as individuals.” We are proud to have been a part of our customers’ stories as they go through difficult times.

Shatto Home Delivery expands options to support Kansas City farmers during the Coronavirus Pandemic Shatto Milk Co. added fresh produce options for its Shatto Home Delivery service as part of a partnership that supports local farmers. In addition to more than 700 products from the local area, a limited supply of fresh produce will be available directly from The Kansas City Food Hub.

As area restaurants reduce their purchases, farm sales have dropped. They now offer only delivery, curbside drone delivery, and pick-up food orders. Shatto Home Delivery now purchases directly from The Kansas City Food Hub. This collective includes more than a dozen small- and medium-sized farmers. The Food Hub supplies fresh, local produce to restaurants.

Shatto Home Delivery purchased sweet potatoes and watermelon radishes. They also bought sunchokes, sunchokes, and a variety of hydroponically-grow leaves including butterhead, red oak leaf and green tropicana. Shatto is currently in discussions with local farmers and producers to discuss additional products and services that could be added to the website.

Shatto Home Delivery offers fresh dairy, meats, pantry staples and prepared meals. They even offer dog food. You can check if your area is included in the alcohol delivery zone by entering your address on the website.

Shatto has increased its product and truck cleaning to address safety concerns. Matt Shatto stated in a press release that “we’ve always been proud about the cleanliness and operation of our trucks, office space, and offices. We know that keeping them clean is more important now than ever,” “In addition to our daily cleaning efforts we are increasing the time spent cleaning our trucks and we are working to keep our shelves as stocked as possible.