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This is the complete guide to smoke curtains and fire curtains

In today’s industrial buildings and workspaces, fire protection is a crucial consideration. Fire protection is one of few things that can be considered more important than security. Foam Spray Insulation Ltd has been in business for more than 25 years. With a team of highly skilled applicators who have many years of experience in spray foam insulation, Foam Spray Insulation Ltd is located in the UK’s heart. Carefour offers live-in care in Oxfordshire. It’s easy to arrange a live in carers.

When specifying a smoke curtain or fire curtain for personnel and property protection, there are many things to take into consideration. This report will outline how all emergency procedures and safety devices will interact in the event that there is a fire or evacuation. It should be reviewed first.

After you have read this document, you can consider the following when specifying fire curtain:

Separate time requirement

main escape route requirement


requirement of fabric including its heat integrity, smoke leakage and irradiance/insulation.



Smoke curtains and fire curtains can be used in doorsways, lift doors, corridors, and other areas that are important.

People in the building should be protected from fire and smoke, while escaping in an emergency situation

Before emergency services arrive, limit smoke and fire spread throughout the building.

These are usually made of a woven fibreglass material. Once stored at a high height, an emergency alarm device activates the headbox to drop to its safe position – typically the floor – creating a barrier against smoke and/or fire.

What’s the difference between a smoke curtain, a fire curtain, and a fire & smoking curtain?

Fire curtains are designed to contain the spread of smoke and fire between different areas in buildings to prevent it from spreading. They can be deployed from floor to ceiling. To withstand heat and fire, they must be strong.

The smoke curtain restricts the smoke flow to provide safe escape routes, such as corridors or atria. They can be placed from the ceiling to just above the head to prevent escape routes or even to the ground to create a barrier.

A fire and smoke curtain is a fire curtain that has smoke seals. It offers both fire and smoke resistance.

Fire system integration

Fire curtains are usually wired to their own, programmable interface panel, so that they automatically open when the mains alarm/alarm device is activated. A fiberglass curtain can be closed by a gravity failsafe control panel (also known as a GFS).

Fire curtains are kept open on a daily basis. They close in the event that there is a fire shutter.

To maintain integrity, the surrounding structure must be compatible with the fire/smoke product. Under UK law, all smoke and fire products must be tested and maintained regularly.

Mounting fire curtains

In some cases, fire curtains can be used to replace traditional fire doors. This allows for more open corridors and doorways. The fire curtain is a thin box-shaped casing that fits over your hatches or doors. It then drops automatically when needed. You can specify the casing to match your interior color scheme. Its subtle design makes it ideal for spaces where space is limited.

Hospitals are an example of a building that could benefit from this type fire protection. Heavy fire doors or shutters with frames and guide rails, along with their frames and guides, would reduce the corridor’s width and hinder the movement of patients and staff.

Physical Security

Fire curtains and smoke curtains do not provide physical security. If this is necessary, fire shutters can be used.