Taking Plumbing to Another Level

This on going battle between publishers and plumbing experts seems to have picked up some steam. Considering that a plumber might have to witness a dip in his earning if Plumbing guides take to the market, it can be quite a tussle. Also the fact that these will ensure that small plumbing works are managed by us, It can dent the profession to an extent.

Something that can actually prove to be beneficial for the plumbing clients can also lead to a serious dent on the demand for plumbing professionals. The whole of Plumbing community can see that their business has taken a beating if every one decides to go in for guides on this technical field.

Ultimately, we might see the graph of Plumbing companies as well as independently operating plumbing contractors descending further down.

But frankly, we need to think a little out of the box. Instead of fretting over how and why this could dent their business prospects, the plumbing community should start contributing towards enriching the content of these tutorials. Considering the growing popularity of plumbers amongst clients, this will be just apt.

By bringing the plumbing professionals to work on the content of these plumbing guides, we can actually work towards enhancing the earning prospects of these guys. By highlighting the knowledge and talent of these people, we can actually do them a world of good.

The one interesting thing about these plumbing tutorials would be that they would enlighten its readers about the inner model of high-end and complex plumbing works. But of course, you really cant expect a layman to breeze through tough plumbing jobs, so practically theres no threat of loss of business.

In fact, as against common belief, these tutorials are fast emerging as the New-Age marketing tools. Considering the kind of information they carry and the way they seek to present this information to a host of people, they certainly qualify as the aggressive tools for Business expansion.

To give a final word on this, I feel that this trend will only spark us more towards understanding the business logic behind such strategic moves. Should we be whining over it if we have a strategy working towards the benefit of both the parties involved? I believe the answer is a firm No. Let us integrate and spark a new world of Business logic.