Interior Design

The Essentials of Selecting a Rancho Santa Fe Interior Designer

Some elite home owners are very particular about getting an interior designer for their home renovation and improvement because they want to make sure that the designer captures their idea. Different designers have different expertise and it’s important that you employ the best interior designer for your discriminating taste. Here is some information that you may need to understand in getting the services of a Rancho Santa Fe interior designer if you want to own a house or want to remodel your existing house in this lavish and stylish neighbourhood.

Rancho Santa Fe is located in San Diego, California, wherein its residential areas are situated on particularly considerable lots. It has the most expensive zip code in the whole state of California. Houses located in this community are known to have opulent interior design and have an average selling price of 2.8 million dollars.

The early inhabitants of Rancho Santa Fe were Native Americans. The Santa Fe Land Improvement Company acquired the majority of the land and developed a tree farm. But because of drought, the company incurred losses on the tree project. To recuperate from the loss, they spearheaded the development of a community of ranches with an architectural design exuding the Spanish era ambiance.

Until now, Rancho Santa Fe has preserved the rich culture that was started over the years and the State of California designated the community as a State Historic Landmark.

Rancho Santa Fe homes preserved a lot of its rich architectural history because of the commitment of its elite and privileged residents. The area is governed by the Rancho Santa Fe Association, wherein residents are held by the Association’s Protective Covenant in building or renovating their homes. The Association handles all property activity, such as managing of all property, assessment of construction projects, maintenance of all member services and facilities and general administration.

Those who wish to modify their homes or have home improvements should adhere to all the requirements and guidelines stated therein. Even if a particular home owner has an interior project in mind, if it doesn’t get the approval of the Association, they cannot push through with construction.

In getting an interior designer for your Rancho Santa Fe home, you should not just consider its track record and its clientele base. Budgets and costs should have minimal or no importance when you are eyeing to live in this luxurious residential area. Professional interior decorators specializing in residential interior design should be the preferred choice compared to office interior designers. Doing business with famous interior decorators may seem an easy option, but if they do not have any experience with the Rancho Santa Fe Association protective covenant, you may find it difficult to get your project approved.

A qualified Rancho Santa Fe interior designer should be able to address both the historical factor and the modern techniques because of the challenge each architectural project entails. As Paragraph 46 of the protective covenant states that the home design should “insure a uniform and reasonable high standard of artistic result and attractiveness in the exterior and physical appearance of said property and improvements,” it is vital that you hire the services of a high end interior designer.

If you’re planning to build a house in any of the subdivisions within this posh area, or if you are an existing owner considering remodelling or renovating your home, look for a high end Rancho Santa Fe interior designer. One who can execute contemporary home interior design ideas while considering the strict requirements and specifications that go together with it.