The positive qualities of Aniracetam on the users

Aniracetam is popularly used by the nootropic users because it has the ability to increase cognition and boost mood. It is chemically classified as a racetam and like most of the racetams, it modulates the neurotransmitters to a great extent. Its parent compound is called Piracetam and it was synthesized initially in the year 1964. It is more potent than its parent compound, Piracetam and possesses many other additional benefits. Though this compound is fat-soluble it does not require to be taken with fats to increase its absorption. Instead, taking too much fat with this compound actually decreases its absorption.

This supplement is an amino acid and is a natural method to improve the cognitive functions. There are many clinical studies that support the view that this compound has the ability to improve perception, focus, memory, alertness, concentration, and creativity. This is achieved when the two hemispheres of a brain communicate with each other. It also helps to regulate the chemicals present in the brain. As far as improving cognitive function is concerned, it varies from person to person. This nootropic has a shorter half-life of 1-3 hours so the dosage is required to be repeated two or three times a day to maintain the effects.

Remarkable benefits

Though the clinical studies of this drug on healthy human adults are not available, it has been studied extensively on animals and it  has shown great results. It modulates the vital receptors of the brain and can potentially give mood-boosting effects. Studies on rats have shownthat it can improve stress level in older rats. Animal studies have suggested that this compound can benefit memory formation, reduce impulsiveness, and improve judgment. It is also known to enhance collective thinking and improve creativity. With an improved cognitive function, one can evaluate and see the world with greater clarity and awareness. This mental clarity can alleviate the mental blockages and enhance creativity.

Another highly positive effect of this drug is it reduces anxiety and improves mood too. It has mood enhancement and anti-depressant qualities. It takes the mind to a relaxed state and with continued usage; it reduces anxiety and stress in future too. It is also known to affect the common symptoms of depression in a positive way. It improves the attention qualities and with greater attention, mental focus gets improved. It greatly improves the sleep patterns in the users. There is a direct relation of the anti-depressant qualities of this drug, which can calm a user’s mind and remove the stress levels too.

Suitable doses

The individual requirement of the dosage varies greatly. A dosage in the range of 750-1500 mg is considered safe and effective but dosages upto 3000 mg can be tolerated well by some users. It is always recommended to start with a small dosage and then gradually increasing the dosage. This compound needs to be taken frequently almost 3 times a day because it has a shorter half-life of just 1-3 hours. Just like most of the nootropics belonging to the racetam family, its effects diminish if too much is there in the users’ system.