There are various types of electricians with various specializations

Are You Thinking About Becoming an Electrician? – With the right education and expertise, becoming an electrician is a fulfilling career choice that offers various opportunities from working in homes to becoming an independent electrician – from working on electrical grids. There is a vast array of roles an electrician can fill.

What roles are there for electricians?

Domestic electricians are the most recognized type of electrician, typically providing services in homes and smaller commercial properties. Their tasks may range from changing sockets or switches, to providing complete overhaul of wiring systems.

Installation electricians – typically work on large-scale projects as well as domestic homes, installing equipment like structure cabling, fire protection systems, security lighting and power supplies in any location in the world, from commercial buildings and construction sites. Installation electricians offer their services globally.

Maintenance electricians – ensure that electrical equipment and systems are safe, effective, and energy-efficient in any location from power grids to factories to lighting systems.

Instrumentation electricians’ profession requires them to analyze, identify and repair complex systems such as HVAC, environmental control systems and cooling.

Rewinder and repairers of electrical machines specialize in maintaining and repairing building machinery such as compressors and fans, while rewinders specialize in fixing any motors within pumps that may have burned out.

Electrotechnical Panel Builders – Electrical panel builders utilize specially programmed controllers to operate control panels which regulate building systems such as cooling, ventilation and heating.

Highway systems electricians are electricians with degrees who specialize in working on public electricity such as traffic lights and street lighting systems.

Auto electricians are an invaluable profession if you have an interest in vehicles and their electrical systems, with duties typically involving computerized repair tools to correct malfunctions within automobiles. An Auto Electrician may perform jobs such as controlling engine drivestrain systems or providing diagnostics services.

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