A Guide for Choosing a Tree Surgery

There are many people offering ‘tree service’ that aren’t qualified to perform the services they offer. It can be dangerous to hire someone to do tree work if they don’t have the right qualifications, experience, and knowledge. Bark and Branch tree surgeons in Manchester specialists are experts in the field of vegetation management including trees and the invasive plants. Our tree surgery, site clearing, the control of invasive weeds and vegetation work is performed with satisfaction. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and professionalism from the beginning until the final.

Imagine that you are enlisting a company to trim a tree or remove branches. The overhead cables are nearby and there is a high wall near the tree that restricts access. Because they have not been trained to handle such things, they just go with the flow, without any plan and certainly no risk assessment. Branchs can fall onto parked cars when they aren’t looking. A neighbour’s shed is damaged by another branch. The tree company offers a solution, but they don’t have adequate insurance. You don’t have anything to hold onto when it comes time to file a claim.

What to Avoid

General service traders: You’ll likely see a leaflet in the postbox. They offer everything, from gutter cleaning to patio laying, garden and fence repairs, as well as tree services. This broad range of services does not make you a specialist. These people are actually ‘Jacks-of-all trades’. What if you hired a general handyman for a job installing a gas boiler? No. No.

Tree surgery, just like any other professional trade, requires a lot of experience, qualifications and knowledge. It is expensive and requires a lot of time to reach a level that guarantees safety and quality. It took us 10 years.

Tree companies offering ‘topping-and-lopping’ are not accredited tree surgery services. Anybody can cut the top of a tree, or take a little bit off. However, they won’t be able to see the damage they could cause to the tree’s health. They won’t be aware of the dangers they pose by falling branches.

There is no landline phone number. If there is only a mobile number there is no traceability. Mobile phones can be turned off, or worse, thrown away. Consider what you will do if your mobile phone is damaged. You have that assurance with a landline number.

No address: If there is no physical address listed (i.e. Alarm bells should ring if there is no physical address (i.e. not a PO Box) You should verify that the address is actually there. It’s easy to make up an address. Advertisers on well-known online directories have been known to be able to fake their addresses. To verify that an address exists, search for it.

Poor quality leaflets: Black and white, spelling errors, wonky printing – you’ve probably seen a few of these on your doormat. How can you trust the company’s ability to provide a high-quality tree service if the leaflet quality is any indication? Avoid at all cost!

Cash demands: Any company that requires cash upfront is not to be trusted. Cash is not required upfront. It’s not necessary: we don’t need to purchase materials to finish the job. You may need to hire special machinery, such as an elevated platform for manual work, to access difficult-to-reach trees. If this is the case, a deposit will be required. However, you can pay by credit card to ensure your security and receive a receipt. If you are not satisfied with the work, pay only after it is completed.

Referring to: Google tree surgeons and look for reviews. You shouldn’t just rely on testimonials posted on a website. These can easily be faked. You can ask the tree surgeon to get in touch with past customers so that you can verify the quality of the service.

Written quote: never accept a verbal estimate for your job. You must get all information in writing and on top paper. This will ensure that you keep a record of the amount you agreed to pay. Make sure you know what includes waste disposal, VAT and equipment hire. Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Trading Standards approval: The Trading Standards Buy with Confidence Scheme rigorously vets companies to ensure that they offer high-quality services at reasonable rates. For added assurance, look for the approval badge.

Insurance: Ask for a copy the company’s insurance certificate. Also, inquire about their claims history. Clean records will show commitment to risk assessment and strong knowledge of safety and health.

You need to have years of experience to ensure that your tree surgeon is able to handle any situation. You can verify this by conducting background research or running a company check.