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Bathroom Renovation: Do You Need Any Upgrades?

Smaller home improvements don’t pose a problem. However, bathroom remodeling is not as easy as it seems. Even a small-scale renovation can be more complicated than you might think. This is especially true if you have to relocate electrical or plumbing systems. We have some helpful information to help you decide whether to start a bathroom remodel.

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Drippy Fixtures are yours

A leak can cause you to climb a wall with its constant dripping sound – any leak. While some repairs may be possible in a hurry, it might not make sense to replace your fixtures. This is a sign that a partial bathroom remodel would be beneficial for you. Leakage and drippage are common with faucets and showerheads. Old fixtures should be replaced by newer models, which will not waste water and won’t leak without your knowledge.

All around you, there are signs of rust

Rust can be a problem wherever there is moisture. Rusty bathrooms can not only be unsightly but also dangerous for your health. If you find rust in your bathroom, it is time to remodel. Even if the water isn’t running, humid air can leave behind condensation. Rust can also be caused by the supply lines that lead to your toilet. Do your best to get rid of all that gunk. If cleaning is not an option, renovations may be the only way to go.

You are trying to save more water

We discussed water conservation earlier in this blog. Water conservation can reduce your water bills and help the environment. Low-flow technology and fixtures that save water can make a huge difference. Although it is easy to believe that bathroom renovations should be dramatic, this is not the case. Don’t fall for this myth. Instead, make small changes. Low-flow toilets with touchless faucets and low-flow showerheads are great investments that will pay for themselves many times!

Cool Features

Are you a Pinterest addict with many creative and clever ideas? You can try some of them. Make a beautiful tile mosaic in your shower. Heat the flooring. A warming towel bar is an option. There are no limits to your options! Perhaps you were inspired by a bathroom in a movie or TV series. A claw foot tub adds a timeless touch to your bathroom. A jetted tub can add luxury to your bathroom. A heated seat can be added to your toilet.

With the Old

Perhaps you purchased your home as a fixer-upper and the bathroom was covered with ugly tiles. But you never got around to removing it. Perhaps the wallpaper border on your old bathroom is beginning to fade from years of steam. You can take out any parts that you don’t like and have them replaced during your remodel. Your bathroom remodel will reflect your personal style and needs.

You are putting your house on the market

Last but not the least, do you think about selling your house? Maybe it’s time for a new start and to leave your home. Staging your home means making sure that every room is clean and presentable. You can also negotiate a higher asking rate for newly renovated bathrooms and homes.