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African American Homeowners Guide – 5 Easiest Home Improvements That Pay You Back The Most

Now that you invested in a home, maxed out your 401K or IRA account for the year, and invested in solid stocks and stable bond funds. What else would rank as a good solid investment? That question is easy. But I’ll give you a hint anyway. It’s someplace you’re familiar with, a stable investment, and most people’s largest lifetime investment. Your home.

So, your question now is “what else is there to invest in where I could get a healthy return on my investment?” I already enjoy a healthy interest rate tax write-off, property tax deduction in addition to other perks.

What other ways can I earn more from my house? Answer; by investing in Home Improvements. Yes, home improvement is the fastest growing activity for smart homeowners today. It’s no accident home improvement shows, channels, books, and stores are gaining in popularity.

Homeowners are discovering investing in your home with Home Improvements not only can make your home more comfortable, it can make it more valuable as well. In fact certain home improvements can pay you up to 100% and more of your investment. Try to find a stock, bank or bond that will pay you that.

Let’s talk about the 5 top home improvements that pay you back the most. This could be one of the best investments you make after your home. Why? This is one of the few investments you’ll make that allows you to enjoy it while it goes up in value. What a deal.

Here are the 5 Easiest Home Improvements That Pay You Back The Most:

1. Minor Kitchen Remodel – The kitchen is at the top of everyone’s list of improvements. It’s usually one the first places home buyers and appraisers go to judge the value of a home. Counter space, cabinet space and floor space is what everyone is looking for. Anything you can do to improve this area will pay you back not only in money but in enjoyment and ease of living.

2. Landscaping – Landscaping of your home is a must if you want to get top price for your home. It’s surprising what well placed plants and other foliage will do for the price and saleability of your home. Most home improvement centers and nurseries offer professional landscape designers to help you and offer free advice. Nothing adds more to the curb appeal of your house than rich landscaping.

3. Paint – Dollar for dollar a good paint job will do more to raise the price and attractiveness of your home than any other single improvement. In fact, a good paint job is synonymous with home improvement. A good paint job gives a room that finished look like nothing else can. And the cost is minimal in relation to return on investment.

4. Ceiling Fans – Over the life of a home, no single appliance will save more money than a ceiling fan. Today’s models are low cost to run, including both the fan and the lights. Ceiling fans can help heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer. And it can add instant style, glamor and imagination to any room.

5. Garage and/or Closet Organizers – The one requirement all homeowners need more and more is space. And the three areas of the home people require more space is the garage, cabinets and closets. These three places seem to attract the most items mysteriously out of nowhere. You know the items we want to keep just in case we need them someday. How many times have you said or thought that? It’s a slogan of all clutter collectors.

As usual we keep collecting more and more items we hate to give away and we pile them up in the garage and closets, right? That’s why an investment in garage, cabinet and closet organizers is an excellent low-cost investment.

Now you know the 5 low-cost improvements that pay you back the most. They’ll instantly improve the value and comfort of your home. And you don’t have to take out a second loan to do them. What a bargain!