How to Choose the Best Counter Stools For Your Kitchen

Let’s talk about Wicker Swivel Bar Stools, friends! There’s a good chance that you have a peninsula or island in your kitchen that has a place for counter stools. These stools are great for additional seating or as a place to sit down with your children while you’re cooking.

Calculate how many stools are needed.

This step is my favorite. It will allow you to determine the size of your stool and the space between them.

First, measure the length and width of your bar or peninsula. If you plan to use smaller-sized stools, divide that length by 21. Or divide it by 24. These numbers will tell you how many stools you can fit. Calculate both the numbers and your space to determine what size stool you need.

Are you looking for backless counter stools or a stool with a back?

Consider how you will use the stools and the surroundings to decide if you want a stool with a back.

If you are looking for more comfort, stools with backs can be more suitable. A stool with a back is better for small children who may need to climb up and down.

Sight lines are another thing to think about. This refers to what you can see when you stand in various areas of your home and then look through to other rooms. Backless stools can block out more of your kitchen’s view lines, which can be a good or bad thing. You may find that stools with backs can be useful as a room divider if your kitchen is open to other rooms in your home.

Choose the style and material you want.

This section includes a description about the design style (e.g. This includes a description of the design style (e.g., coastal or mid-century), as well as details such as metal finish, metal tone and seat material (upholstered or metal or both). Here’s where the fun begins! It is possible to know exactly what style you prefer, or it might be that you feel overwhelmed by the number of options available and don’t know where to begin.

If you are in this group, you can take a look at Pinterest or other inspiration sources to find what interests you. You’ll need to write down the descriptions of these counter stools later on when you are ready to begin your search.

Think about what appeals to you, what your kitchen looks like, how easy it is to clean, and what’s close by. You might choose a black metal base to match the black hardware in your home. Or maybe you have a walnut dining room table that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen.

Begin your search for the perfect counter stool!

You now have a clear idea of your needs, it’s time to start shopping!

Make a list of the attributes you are looking for and then go to Google Shopping to get started. This is a great way of getting a general overview of the available options. To see the results, type in some words or phrases from your list. Google Shopping is also a great option because you can choose a price range to keep you on budget.

As an example of what you could search for, let’s say you are looking for a counter stool with a coastal design, light wood finish, rattan and a back. To see if you can find the right one, I would try several versions using just a few of these terms at a given time. These variations will help you discover all your options.

Others might follow these steps:

  • Coastal counter stool with back
  • Rattan counter stool
  • Counter stool made of light wood and rattan
  • Counter stool with back woven seat

Although search engines can be very smart, sometimes it takes several runs to find the right piece.

There are many styles and shapes of counter stools. You want it to work well in your kitchen, and you love it! It’s out there!

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