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Best Charcoal Grills Complete Control

The charcoal grills give you complete control over the cooking process, so you can create mouthwatering recipes every time. To achieve the ideal temperature, you can use as many coals you like. You can also place them anywhere you like in the grill to create different cooking areas. For a crispy exterior and a smokey flavor, cook directly on the coals. Be sure to check the coals as they might need to be replenished. Don’t forget about putting them out before you store your grill.

Original Kettle Premium 22 Inch Charcoal Grill

Weber is well-known for their grills, both charcoal and gas. This model is slightly more advanced than their Original Kettle, which also we recommend. The key difference is in the ash collector. This premium version has an enclosed container while the original has an open plate. The kettles have an automatic cleaning system that removes ash from the bottom. The coals are placed on top of a grate and the ash is below it.

The premium grill’s cooking grate has two hinged edges. This allows for more coal to be added without having to lift the whole thing. The lid has heat protection under the handle and side handles have tool holders. Weber offers a variety of sizes in its premium and original lines. They also offer cart-style charcoal grills, with more shelves, premium versions with propane ignition, and portable charcoal grills that you can take with you.

Super Pro Black Barrel 30 Inch Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller’s Super Pro is a top seller. This solid grill is lightweight enough to be moved around. The barrel design allows for more cooking space. Cast iron cooking grates and a side vent with smoke stack provide optimal temperature control. If the Super Pro is purchased with the side firebox attachment, it can be used as an Texas-style smoker.

We were amazed at how simple this grill was to assemble during testing. The instructions had clear illustrations and were easy to follow. Even the washers were easy to identify.

Grill and smoker

Although it’s difficult to describe a grill as “a joy to assemble”, this one was close. The basic design made it easy to assemble and it felt sturdy once it was assembled. Two solid pieces of aluminum make up the cooking chamber. They heat evenly and quickly, and are thick enough to retain heat well. Four steam vents allow for maximum airflow and temperature control. Most charcoal grills have only one steam vent.

The lid’s handle keeps the heat out of the oven while cooking and the hinges keep the lid open so you can inspect your grates. Its rectangular shape allows for a large cooking surface and allows for even distribution of coals. To make it easier to add or arrange coals, the grate hinges are included. Both steak and chicken were cooked perfectly in our tests, with no flare-ups and beautiful sear marks. The unique cup holder and side table were both very useful. This grill’s best feature is that you can take it with you and still get the same results as if you had it in your backyard. Rubbery wheels can be used on different terrains. The All New Original PK Grill is a cast-aluminum upgrade of The Original.

Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill

The Dyna-Glo charcoal grill is large and powerful. However, it also has a removable divider which can be used to reduce the cooking area by half. The temperature of the cast iron high-gloss porcelain enameled grates can be adjusted separately by using two adjustable charcoal trays. You can access the trays through both of the front doors. This allows you to add more charcoal as necessary or move them around while cooking. The ash tray is hidden beneath the charcoal trays and can be pulled out to clean. You can adjust the temperature and control of your smoke stack.

The Dyna-Glo has a built-in bottle opener, two shelves on each side and a bottom shelf for storage.

Cart-Style Charcoal Grill Black with Side Shelf

The cart-style grill looks similar to a gas grill, but uses charcoal. The solid design features a sturdy handle and side shelves. Cast iron grates have a long life span and are heat resistant. They’re also coated with porcelain enamel to prevent them from getting too hot. You can move the charcoal tray around the grill to make it more or less close to the food. Another unique feature is the rack on the charcoal tray. It gives the ash somewhere to go.