Best ways of maximizing Swiss glacier express

This is a train that will offer you the best way of experiencing the scenic terrain of Switzerland. Train is very important of traveling and exploring the different terrain. When it comes to exploring Europe using Swiss glacier express is very interesting. Here are some benefits of using this train to travel;

Best ways of maximizing Swiss glacier express

  1. Reservations of up to 90 days in advance

When using swiss glacier express you will be required to make reservations of up to 90 days before traveling. This will be able to help the train staff to organize themselves for the travels that you are going to make. They will also be able to communicate with you in case of any changes. It is also a good time for you to organize yourself and get yourself together. It is part of planning for traveling to always book the means of transport in advance.

  1. Narrated travel experience

There is nothing better than having a guide when traveling in a new place. In this express you will be able to have narrated experience when traveling. This will enable you get the historic backgrounds, landmarks and the names of the various places that you will be passing through.

  1. First and second class seats

Depending on the budget you have, you will have the choice between the first class and second class seats. These are panoramic seats that enables your to have the experience of looking at the surrounding area panoramically. It is also important to remember that these are reserved seats; hence you won’t have to worry of missing the best seat that you like.

  1. Panoramic seat positions

These are seats that enable you to have maximum exposure to the surrounding area. This means that you will be able to take pictures and videos without obstructed viewing. It also makes traveling exciting and memorable. For this train you are sure to get your in advance reserved seat.

  1. Interesting feature

Traveling on Swiss express is to get exposed to unique features along the route. When passing through the Zermatt-Brig-Andermatt-Chur- Davos route you will be able to pass through 91 tunnels, bridges and 2033 meters high Oberalp pass. The route is also exposed to forests, rushing streams, scenic snow mountains and ancient villages.

  1. In seat catering

This is offered on express selected trains and times. This means that you will be able to get meals when traveling. This will ensure that you stay strong and alert through the journey which takes hours. You will be treated to the meals that you enjoy in your seat. Unlike using cars, trains are not subject to bumpy terrains, you will be able to comfortably eat.

  1. No-smoking

As a means of accommodating the entire customer all trains are non-smoking trains. This is good for your health and is will also make your travel enjoyable, especially when you have children on board.


Using train to explore a terrain is interesting. Having an experience with trains will improve this more and make it memorable for you and your family.