Cooking is our passion

As I said cooking is our passion and we kept this up for a long time and want to do as we say. Cooking is our dream and our destiny and also become the destiny and the work of people who try to get attached with us. We are a company that allow cook to sell their food on their price but they have to cook food on our standards and our values. We have shops and outlets all over the America and many people are still working with us and we always welcome new and energetic minds of come and play a role in this kitchen family. We make permit for certified cooks so they can cook for us and we will sell there product in the market.

We do that in a very low price and all can afford it easily. This is the price that one must pay to be our cook and then all of his creations will be ours and we will take care of their financial selling deals. Our permit will make the cook independent and these permits are not for days these permits will allow you to work for year. This will make you fully realized that this is really profitable for them. We charge them just of the permit and some amount on each dish they sell nothing else that is not told. This is the only thing that we will charge to any person who uses our permit to cook and sell food. This permit means that we give this person the permission to cook and sell food and we will keep the food standards under check and will assure the safety of our customers that buy and eat this food. that all what this permit of our means and we just charge some hundred dollar for this great effort.