How to Make Eye-Catching Construction Banners

Banners should include information about your building and your company. These banners will allow you to reach your construction site signage while also delivering great advertising effectiveness. Platon Graphics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and vinyl construction fence banners.

These are some ideas for designing attractive banners for construction.

Take a look at Size

Know the dimensions of the area where you want to place your banner ads. Your banners and signs should be visible from both the inside and outside of your site. Your potential clients will be interested in the communication you provide about your company.

Get to know the material

Mesh banners make a strong product for advertising construction sites. This product is best used for specific messages and photos about the construction site or its end value. It is made with a strong edging and strategically placed air holes, which ensure it stays in place even in windy locations.

The vinyl materials are also strong and suitable for outdoor advertising.


They should be suitable for extreme and windy weather conditions. They should be simple to install while still being effective in your marketing plans.

Print reproduction

It is possible to capture every detail, large amount of information, and photos about your site. Vinyl martial should be properly insulated and laminated.

To increase the life expectancy of your banner and keep it looking professional, you can apply anti-graffiti.

Partner Promotion

Many people are involved in the construction process. You can use banners to express gratitude to those who contributed to the realization of the project.

If it is a commercial construction site you can post all commercial tenants who will be operating their business on the site after they are complete. There are many other options. The sky is the limit!

Construction Banners: Call to Action

Make sure people are aware of the purpose of your ad. You could use a to let sign’ or an buy your space now’ option. It should be clear and aligned with your call to action.

Choose the right font

The banner’s readability will be affected by the font used. Use a neutral font to grab your audience’s attention and push your message forward. It should be clear and bold.

Personal Branding

Construction banners are a great way to market your company and brand. You can introduce yourself to potential clients and get them to your company before you even start your business.