Find the Right Safety Net for Your Trampoline

Your child can experience secure high-flying bounces on a trampoline with the addition of a net. Safety net enclosures come standard on most trampolines; their primary function is protecting health and wellbeing by keeping nets from dislodging, colliding with frame, surface collisions etc. They should also be designed to collapse during windy or stormy weather when damages may be possible and need dropping quickly in response. Feelnets specializes in producing loft net designed for multiple uses (multihulls golf, sports and multihulls, among others), as well as custom-made technical fabrics suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. We tailor every net we produce according to your specifications – don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote today.

Check regularly to make sure your safety net continues to protect your children by inspecting it for tears or rips that need repair.


  • Proactively ensure the safety of your children by preventing collisions and falls
  • Avoid Trampolines
  • The main structure of a trampoline is protected against falling branches

Why Do Trampolines Have Safety Nets?

To Keep Your Kids Safe

Trampoline safety nets serve a very important purpose of keeping children safe, and when fitted and maintained properly can prevent many accidents caused by falls off trampolines.

To Keep Wildlife Off Your Trampoline

As well as keeping their children from accidentally falling off while playing on a trampoline, some of our customers appreciate having a trampoline net to keep animals off it in the evening.

Can Protect the Main Body of the Trampoline

Safety nets for trampolines provide protection to their main body, such as padding, jumping mats springs and frame from branches or other objects which might fall onto it by stopping their fall.

Things to Look for in a Trampoline Safety Net

When searching for a first safety net or upgrading an existing one, there are a few aspects you should keep in mind:

1. Weight – A safety net that is heavier can provide extra longevity and security for you and your children when watching them play or when taking part in physical activities such as jumping. We carry HD nets which are 50% heavier than regular safety nets to provide peace of mind when watching over young ones or enjoying your own jumping activities.

2. Door – One of the weak points of most safety nets is their doors. You should opt for one with secure and safe trampoline enclosure capabilities – for instance one featuring heavy-duty zipper doors which will offer peace of mind when your child and friends enter your backyard.

3. UV Protection – Your security system’s biggest enemy? The sun! That is why an alternative trampoline safety net provides UV protection to help extend its lifespan and extend your enjoyment worldwide. Our nets incorporate this feature, increasing their life spans as well as our families’ pleasure.

4. Weave – Are tears starting to form in your existing net, leaving it unsafe? Don’t fret: this is a common issue among safety nets; therefore, selecting one with high-quality weaving will reduce tear rates as well as provide improved protection and longevity.

Different Types of Safety Nets

Safety Nets with Zips

Safety nets with zips are very popular as they ensure the zip remains closed once it has been closed, eliminating the risk of it coming loose again. However, certain zips may be vulnerable to breaking, potentially trapping your child within its mechanisms and creating potential injuries or danger.

Safety Nets with Overlapping Panels & Velcro

BERG utilizes an interspersed safety net which wraps around children when they climb the net, so when they go through, the net will automatically close behind them and protect them. Kids can slip and fall upon panels which overlap; to secure these overlapping panels securely shut BERG provides a Velcro strap which fastens tightly shut around its panels that overlap.

Safety Nets with Carbon Fibre Top Bands

A high-end trampoline will typically come equipped with a superior and more efficient safety net, usually connected at its top poles via elastic. More organized and costly safety nets feature actual carbon fibre poles which give more shape and strength to their safety net, typically located near its very top.

Safety Nets with Padded Poles

Many trampoline safety nets feature cushioned poles so that when your children jump onto them, they won’t hurt themselves by hitting steel poles – instead, the padding protects their bodies and cushioned poles are cushioned as part of your net’s safety features. We strongly suggest making sure the padding on all safety net poles has adequate padding – this ensures a safe experience! We advise ensuring this feature exists on your trampoline for best results!

How to Select a Trampoline Enclosure.

When selecting an enclosure for our trampolines, we aim to prioritize three elements.

  • Trampoline frame size
  • Safety enclosure style
  • Poles or archer number