Garden Bros Circus: Stop Exploiting Animals

Garden Bros. Due to U.S. Department of Agriculture reports of neglect and animal mistreatment, Circus is often referred to as the “worst” circus.

Garden Bros Circus has teamed up with Larry Carden, a fellow animal abuser. Larry Carden is the owner and caretaker of Bo and Betty, two Asian elephants. Larry has a long list of federal animal welfare violations.

Garden Bros. and its animal contractors have been issued over 100 citations by the USDA for mistreatment or neglect of performing animals they care for.

Larry Carden and Garden Bros Circus

Larry Carden and Garden Bros Circus have been investigated for many years. We have witnessed firsthand the suffering and abuse that animals are subject to.

This circus was also denied permits in Canada, Georgia, and the United States for animal abuse. They were also denied permits for repeated tent collapses, a snagged safety net that allowed a performer into the crowd, as well as circus employees being shot at. Several states have filed lawsuits against the U.S. for “deceptive” business practices and have reported that Garden Bros. left behind outstanding debts.

The abuses and corruption in circus entertainment and other animal entertainment are becoming more well-known. It is time for animal circuses not to continue their long-standing tradition of cruelty and exploitation.

Garden Bros Circus is now at Tropicana Park and will be performing shows in St.

The organization notes that this year’s napa home and garden show is “the next generation of showbiz with spectacular special effects, concert-style sound and lighting, and 3 RINGS bursting full of excitement, laughter, and memories that families will always treasure.”

This action-packed, fast-paced, 100-minute performance features the very best performers of over 22 countries. It is set in a Theatrical European 3 RING setting.

The show features a spectacular special effect, concert-style sound and lighting, and 3 RINGS that are full of laughter, excitement, and memories that will be treasured by families for generations. This action-packed, fast-paced, 1-minute performance features the best performers from more than 22 countries. It takes place in a Theatrical European 3 RING setting.

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