How to Manage “Garden Fever”?

It is easy to forget the wise advice of making a list of the plants you need, sticking to it, and then only buying what you can plant in the next week. What is the point of doing this when March Madness is raging? It’s not possible, I believe. Garden fever March Madness is a celebration of men’s college basketball, according to sports fans. Gardeners are well aware that we gardeners used to be a bit crazy in March long before the NCAA finals.

  • See what is in the wagons of others. You might have missed treasures if they’ve already completed the Big Search. Don’t forget the shade section. Here are some of the best plants.
  • Don’t buy plants in fives, sevens or threes if you already have garden fever. Buy it if you love it.
  • Never buy a plant you haven’t heard of. It’s exciting to discover the secrets of the plant.
  • Check mature size. The plant might look cute as a puppy, but it could become an SUV. It doesn’t make sense to waste your time trying to shape it every year.
  • Be aware of the euphemisms used to describe aggressive spreaders. Some growers now call plants spreaders or invasive. But not all. This plant could be like Sherman marching through Georgia.
  • Buy the beautiful bloomer that has plenty of buds, but isn’t quite in bloom. Don’t limit your choices to only plants that are in bloom or buds. There is a long season so make sure to have plants for fall.
  • Take the time to walk around with your plant and look for companion plants. This will allow you to indulge more. If you choose a hosta that has gold margins, find golden Corydalis Luta to snuggle it up to. They also take the same conditions.
  • Even if you only have a small area to explore, take a look at the nursery’s garden fever to see how they will change with age or get some ideas for combinations. Seduction Alley is a display of plants that the nursery wamsutta towels has set up so you can walk through them. This is a great way for you to see the latest and greatest.