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Home Decor: Replace Heavy Furniture With Colorful Poufs?

Yes, we all love to decorate! We want to be in style, but we also thinking about the perfect furniture for our space to achieve our desired look. You are not alone with this as many also thought of being in style but have a limited budget for expensive furniture that will complete the look of their interior.

There are lots of factors that could affect our decision-making in buying accessories and furniture. Luckily we have beautiful modern poufs that we can depend on that can be used as a replacement for expensive and heavy sofas and added armchairs for your living rooms.

How to maximize colorful pouf as a Home decor?

We are already mesmerized by how poufs could help us have additional seating for our living rooms or bedroom or use a footstool when you need it. But we have additional ideas on how you could maximize them as home decor instead of expensive and heavy furniture:

  • Pouf Could be used as a color pop –  These cuties could enhance the color pop you have for your interior. You could add a yellow hand-knitted modern pouf on top of your gray and white interior.
  • Creates additional space in your room – Poufs evidently create another useful space in your home. It is a great idea to have them instead of you bringing expensive or out-of-budget armchairs and tabletops.
  • Add texture to your interior – Because of various materials that are being used to create beautiful poufs, these masterpieces could also add texture and drama to any room. It also creates uniqueness and character that you can use to express your creativity and bring aesthetic feels to your room.

Some of the Floor Poufs types you could use in your interior.

We have gathered various floor poufs that will be useful for your home transformation as a replacement for heavy furniture. It would be great to have ideas of what these beautiful petite things can offer to your space.

Morrocan pouf – This kind of pouf is a well-known style that embodies the rich culture of morocco. You can see how well it was designed; usually, leather material is used and has a classic design that may enhance the overall lo0ok of your living room. 

Cotton pouf –  Made of comfy cotton and texture-wise functional. Another favorite when it comes to coziness and style.

Hand knitted Pouf –  Hand knitted pouf, the most fun and artistic way to flaunt your style plus making it sustainable and use as extra seating for your living room or lounges.

Level up your living room and replace that heavy furniture with the following designs we have gathered for you.

For your LIving Room

Leather poufs are a great addition to your living room space as an additional seat for your family or guest. With a naturally decorative look, you are so lucky to have them and you can quickly move them when needed, whether as a pouf for seating or a footstool.

You will also be amazed how these living room poufs can instantly create a warm and inviting vibe to any space, especially for your living area. So plunge in and venture out with its various designs and texture.

For Your Bedroom Area

A trendy knitted pouf is one of the most useful added furniture in your bedroom area. This could be used as a snack bar or magazine holder and a coffee table depending on its finish. You will be truly amazed at how this pouf furniture can function as regular tables and chairs for your needs, especially if you have minimal space for any heavy furniture.

Dining Area Poufs Idea

We usually picture a dining room with proper dining chairs but see these modern poufs and how they change the game.

If you have a small space and smaller dimensions of the table, you could use pouf furniture instead of chairs. This is to save space if you have an armchair.

Study Room poufs

A perfect place for lovely and comfy floor poufs. It is the best option you can take to have a relaxing spot where you can read and sprawl. You may also use it as a stool for your books. Get a light and vibrant color to add character to your room.

Outdoor Poufs


Laidback and relax even if you are on your balcony or outdoor area in your home. Modern poufs can be more stylish and sustainable than you could imagine. Instead of having lots of armchairs in your backyard, why not try comfy and stylish floor poufs as a stool or seats.