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The Best Air Purifying Plants For Bedroom

Other than adding a lush green backdrop to any environment setup, when plants are incorporated into the home decorations also filter toxins from the air and bring good vibrations. Research conducted by NASA in 1989 proved that indoor plants have exceptional capabilities to remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene from the air more than any human-made air purification solutions. Recent studies also elect plants as the best solution to release stress pumping in the creative juices. The best part about plants is that there is no need to invest in gadgets and activities that will soon be a thing of the past riddled with loopholes. Plants take care of us the same way we love and care for them. In this post, we share the best air purifying plants for bedroom take a look.


The rosemary plant, also known in scientific terms as Rosmarinus Officinalis, is a herb. It produces a nourishing scent that sticks on your fingers when you rub it, which will bring a soothing aura around you. This plant thrives in conditions with direct sunlight, so you must position your potted rosemary plant on the sun-facing windowsills in your bedroom.


The lavender is also known as the Lavendula, or better as a heavenly soothing scent. It is most commonly found in detergents and fragrances. While it may not be considered a house plant, they show great adaptability to indoor environments, even with indirect and shady spots, as long as you give it sufficient light during the day.

Peace Lily

The peace lily plant is one of the most popular species found in the Spathiphyllum family. The plants exude luxury and a hassle-free relationship with their surroundings. As the name suggests, “Peace Lily” creates a calm and peaceful environment with its white/pink blooms and greens. To keep the lily flourishing, allow the soil to slightly dry in between watering.

Areca Palm

The Areca palm is one of the most famous plants globally because of its impressive size and beauty (when fully grown). It also has an exceptional air-purification ability, that you can reap the benefits from a few inches Areca palm before it grows 5 to 6 inches. You need to position your palm tree in your bedroom, where it receives bright sunlight during the day.

English Ivy

The English Ivy is also known as the Hedera Helix, is a hardy plant that thrives in baskets, pots and mixed with other houseplants. It also thrives in conditions with partial or indirect sunlight and direct sunlight. You can supplement light with fluorescent light. When watering the plant, let the soil slightly dry before you water again, and make sure to turn the plant each time you water.


If you are one of those who barely have time to take care of plants due to your ever-busy schedule and are looking for a plant that will make you feel at home, then you must go with the pothos. It is one of the low-maintenance houseplants you can place in your bedroom. You will always fall in love with the vibrant heart-shaped leaves climbing and trailing furniture and walls. They grow about 18-inches taller every month. The plant thrives in conditions with indirect and direct sunlight, perfect for any bedroom setup.

Rubber Plant

A plant with many uses, the rubber plant, as the name suggests, is used to produce rubber. Throughout the beginning of time, the rubber plant has been presented as gifts for various occasions as it is known to bring good luck, fortune, and health. This breathtaking plant has large leaves with a plumpy shape, which adds a solid vertical scene in any indoor space. It thrives in conditions both with bright and indirect sunlight. When tending to a rubber plant, always wear gardening gloves to avoid having the tree sap on your fingers.

Snake Plant

Most people shy away from the snake plant on the mention of the name. But, little do they know that this plant can keep snakes at bay in forestry areas. Maybe you know the plant with the name “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” or with its striking sword-like leaves. It has exceptional air-purification properties that filter formaldehyde and benzene from the air. They also thrive in conditions with bright and indirect sunlight. And you do not have to stress about watering the plant daily – simply water when the soil slightly dry.


Also lining up on the best air-purifying plants for indoors is the Philodendron. It is a low maintenance plant which means that you can still enjoy the exceptional air-purification benefits as with other plants, but with less maintenance. It has huge leaves that have a lace-like edge. And it may appear like a stunted tree in the early growth stages but grows about 10 centimetres a week.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned air-purification plants will help choose the best plant for your bedroom as well as surprise your loved ones. You can also make the plant contrast with your decor by potting them in personalised and themed vases.