How to Clean, Prep and Install Reclaimed Wood Plank Walls

Wood plank walls are a great feature for homes. You can see that there are many others, as well, judging by Instagram and Pinterest. The Audrini Living Largo Wall Panels is unique, modern and authentic. Wood panels from Audrini Living are made with responsibly sourced materials. Industry experts carefully craft them. We are passionate about wood, art and nature and strive to reflect these values in our panelling.

Reclaimed wood accent walls look modern or rustic depending on how they are used. But what is the best part about this trend? It introduces an element of nature into your home that instantly grounds you and connects you with nature.

Wood plank walls can be made simple.

Reclaimed barn boards can be used on one wall of a room, keeping the design simple but making a statement. These boards look great in accent walls in bedrooms and living rooms. You might have a kitchen island made of barn wood, or you could make a backsplash from barn boards. Barn boards can also be used in bathrooms to add style and function.

Select the wood you prefer

Reclaimed barn boards can give your home a rustic feel. Maple or oak, or old flooring that was used on the wall, has a modern look. MDF or tongue-and-groove boards are great for creating a farmhouse style.

A board should be as light as possible. It shouldn’t bow in the winter or in dry-heated homes. Barn boards are usually old and dry, so they’re lightweight from the beginning. Tongue and groove floorboards are also very light.

Prepare the boards and clean them.

To remove dirt and grime from barn boards, use a steel brush or hard bristle to clean them. Finally, give them a thorough scrub with borax and water. Allow them to dry completely outdoors, or indoors for a few days in a covered area if they are damp.

As a final step, lightly sand the boards with a palm-sander. This removes any splinters and brings out rich grain. If they are being used in a wet area like a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, I won’t normally treat salvaged wood barn board. To preserve the natural look of the boards, I will coat them with a water-based polyurethane in a matte finish.

For a shiplap effect, clean the boards using the above steps. Then prime, paint or stain the boards white. You can also lightly whitewash them with water and let the grain or knots show through.

Prepare the walls.

Use barn boards, or leave your wood natural and paint it. Paint the wall you are going to on black or brown so you don’t see any white walls peeking through the cracks. If you are using white shiplap, paint the walls white so that no wall space is visible.

Installing your boards vertically will require you to use horizontal strapping to attach them to the wall. To attach the strapping to the holes, use a stud locater and an air nailer.

Take your boards apart.

First, square off your boards at the ends. Next, measure the length of the board and then use a pencil and speed square to mark where to cut. You can cut your pieces using a hand or chop saw. Install vertically and all your boards will be equal in length. However, double-check this at different points along the wall to make sure it is level. Install horizontally by measuring them all or using scraps of different lengths.

Place them.

Start in the middle and align your boards so that they are level and snug. It may take some time to find the right fit between your boards. You don’t need to worry about gaps, they will enhance the unique look. You can make random patterns.

Install horizontally and you will find it looks best with the shorter pieces at the ends and the longest ones in the middle. But again, don’t worry about it. Follow the flow.

If you are laying the boards horizontally, secure them to the wall studs or to your strapping boards with a nail gun. Rent one for the day if you don’t have one.

Finish but don’t strive for perfection

You may need trim to cover any gaps in your ceilings or floors. Although this is not necessary, I believe that having gaps makes the wall look more interesting. It is beautiful to be imperfect!

If you are working with painted shiplap, touch up any paint. Old reclaimed barn boards can be very flexible so no need for any repairs.

You now have an accent wall that adds warmth, character, and natural beauty to the home. Enjoy!

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