Bathroom Improvement

A comprehensive guideline for bathroom remodeling and kitchen repair

A comprehensive guideline for bathroom remodeling and kitchen repair

Two of the most important home improvements you can make are in the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in your home. Remodeling them to be more enjoyable is about finding individual elements that make daily chores easier.

These bathroom remodeling and kitchen repairs will allow you to work smarter to get the results that you desire.

Bathroom remodeling

  • Make your bathroom look like a space. Do not place fixtures against the walls. Because you only have limited legroom, make sure that you allow enough space for movement. You don’t have to line your bathroom fixtures. Instead, you can arrange the different areas around a central area and give that space a room-like feel.
  • Make sure it is in proportion. It is important to keep the design proportional to the main bathroom concern. Your bathroom space should not be larger that your bedroom. While you might enjoy spending time in your bathroom, it should not be a place that you spend all day in.

Kitchen repair

  • Lighting requirements – This area is home to many activities throughout the day. It is essential that your kitchen has the right lighting. It is important to remember that you can only have enough light in your kitchen if you place furniture throughout it and arrange them in layers.
  • Functional and beautiful kitchens with useful cabinets – Although aesthetic beauty is important it plays an even greater role than functionality. You should ensure that your kitchen remodel includes cabinets that are both beautiful and practical.

What is your Bathroom Style? The Bathroom Home Improvement guide

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a bathroom remodel. It is important that homeowners consider both the cost and functionality of their bathroom. If you are still unsure how to design your bathroom, these elements might help:

  • Maximize daylight and maintain confidentiality – For those who struggle to get the privacy you desire in your bath, acrylic-block-awning versions or tubular skieslights are the best options. These windows provide privacy and fresh air. They also eliminate the need to use electricity at night.
  • Get rid of the crammed combination tub/shower – It’s time for a new style. Instead of visually dividing your room by your bathtub, consider glass shower doors to open up your bathroom.
  • Large tiles are best – If you have a small bathroom, a large tile with a narrow grout line is advisable. This tile size makes the room seem larger. It is also easier to clean large tiles than smaller ones.
  • Upgrade to a dual-flush toilet – Water flow is critical in regular flushes. Dual flushes make them more efficient. The beauty of functionality does not have to be a compromise on style.

5 Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A small bathroom can be made to look larger by expanding the house’s envelope. Although many homeowners want to increase the bathroom’s square footage, this is not always possible due either to limitations in property size, zoning or permitting or lack of money.

Increase ceiling height

It is actually a tiny bathroom. It does not look small; in fact, it seems quite spacious. However, the floor tiles will show that it is limited to 50 square feet (5 x 10 ft) in area.

It is the window or the glass that lets in light. It is an eye-catching mosaic of 48 glass blocks that allows light in but keeps you private. While this helps, the real magic of the high ceiling is what creates the illusion that space is there. Cathedral ceilings may not be for everyone but they are a welcomed addition. While tall ceilings are known to be energy-wasters when large scaled, they can be reduced to an acceptable level when used in small bathrooms.

You can’t go wrong with this double sink arrangement in a small bathroom. These sleek lines emphasise the clean geometry of the deep basins sinks and unique fixtures.

Show off a stylish tub

In recent years, bathtubs have made great strides. There are many options for bathtubs, not just the boring, short and narrow ones that most people don’t want to use. A standard wall-mounted tub might seem like a space saver, but it still needs walls on three sides. Walls take up space.

The tub is a focal point of the room, so why not put it away? If you spend a little more, the tub can become the center of attention in the room. This is a double-ended bathtub with fixtures in its middle. The skylight allows you to see the stars from the left side of the tub at night. Reclination in the opposite direction is possible during the day to allow the light through the windows to shine on your book.

The minimal decoration is another small bathroom strategy. The bathroom only has a small wall cabinet and large windows.

Increased light from strategically placed mirrors

A mirror is a fixture in almost every bathroom. It’s there for one reason: To be able to see our faces.

A mirror in a bathroom may serve a secondary function. Mirrors in bathrooms can expand the visual space. They give the illusion of more space as well as increasing the available light.

The tub’s opposite wall is where the supply and drain pipes are hidden. The problem is that the bather faces the wall as well. The solution is to place a mirror on the wall so that bathers can see the space behind them while they soak in the tub. Mirrors also reflect light, brightening the room.

To make the effect even more brighter, you can pair bathroom mirrors and lighter-colored walls. Drywall is very easy to paint. In bathrooms, make sure to use semi-gloss, satin, and eggshell paint.

Disable the Toilet Tank & Pedestal

Wall-hung toilets are almost impeccably sleek. What is the secret? The secret is that space-wasting elements two and three are missing.

You’ll see the tank missing from the back of this bowl if you look closely. The tank is hidden behind the wall, but it’s built into the walls between the studs. This is especially important for small bathrooms as it saves space that could have been used to house the tank.

Wall-hung toilets are also free from a pedestal or base so they take up much less space.

Use a Medicine Cabinet to Unlock Hidden Space

It is easy to see medicine cabinets as old, creaky, rusty and even scary. The reason is that older medicine cabinets were made out of thin, scratchy sheet metal and doors on low quality hinges. Modern medicine cabinets, which are made of high quality wood and tempered glasses, are spacious and sink deeply into the bathroom wall.

This modern medicine cabinet, made of dark wood, has three shelves and is sleek and linear in design. You can almost see the edges of this cabinet when the glass is nearly at the top.

This cabinet, unlike many other medicine cabinets, is a surface-mount one. There are recessed medicine cabinets with shelf compartments built into the wall to save space.

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