Interior Design

Interior Design VS Interior Decoration

Reality television has completely revolutionized the interior decoration industry. There are now numerous shows on renovation and design, with most of them emphasizing the home. However, most people believe the term interior decoration is synonymous with interior design. Interior design evolved from interior decoration, but it is far more complex. Those in interior design actually look at the building and things like building codes where decorators mainly decorate.

Since there are many home renovation shows on television now, you often associate interior designers with working in the home. There are numerous opportunities to do this in the field of interior design. Some designers actually may get specialized certification in fields like kitchen design or bathroom design. However, there are other areas an interior designer can work in. Many work in the commercial realm with specializations in things like retail design or workspace design. Those with an architect degree can also focus on the interior architecture of the space you are looking to design.

If you were hiring someone to renovate your home, an interior decorator would typically be cheaper, but they wouldn’t be able to do as much with your space. A designer could completely change your environment in a theme or style. They also work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want in the project. They strive to make sure you are completely happy with their work.

Using computers in interior design has also completely revolutionized the industry. While interior designers still travel quite a bit, a lot of travel has been eliminated by the use of virtual makeovers on the computer. Designers can now use the computer to show their clients their vision of the project without ever touching the space. Doing it this way saves time, money, and hassle so the client gets exactly what they want. They can actually see the designer’s vision themselves before it is done, and they can put their feedback in so they can make any changes before the project is actually started.