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How to choose a kitchen counter and splashback? 6 questions that you should ask yourself

A place for meetings, conversations, joy and endless stories. Oasis, at which you can start your journey through the tastes of tempting Asia, sunny Portugal or in the syrup of bathed Canada. The cradle of morning plans and secret thoughts. Heart of sincere smiles, greetings and a membrane of cordial words for good morning and goodbye. It is here with the magical moments. Is it family or friendly or intimate. This is the kitchen.

But in addition to emotions and feelings, this space is also filled with daily cooking. Because in a healthy body and spirit, there is a healthy and full stomach. And that’s how it starts with cutting a cake with a jam at breakfast. Then, at dinner, red pepper and raspberry tomato peek out from under the knife. And the story goes to the supper, where the octopus with cooled wine coals. It all happens in his modest but fundamental company – on the kitchen counter, which is an integral companion to splashback. Which one to choose, what to run, what one to choose?

Is the kitchen counter and splashback resistant to high temperatures?

Breakfast is often eaten cold, but the dinner tastes best when plates are still floating. The appetizing aroma of freshly cooked pasta, pesto of basil and parmesan spreads along the corridors of the house. Imagine that you no longer need to look for a slat, a stand to be able to put a pot that still beats with warmth from your bottom and you can dance in a kingdom of aromas with a dance-like step. And all this facilitates the high resistance of countertops and glass splashbacks to high temperature. Some kitchen countertops give the possibility of putting even a hot dish directly on the counter, while a hot steam will not hurt the glass splashback on the wall when the pot is placed close.

Is the kitchen counter and spashback resistant to UV rays?

When we choose our first kitchen furniture, we have the idea to serve us for many years. We take care of them carefully every day. However, we will not avoid factors such as mechanical action during cooking and the impact of daylight, through which kitchen worktops are discolored. Just like paint on the wall, wood on furniture or fabrics change color, so the tops can fade after a few years. Good quality kitchen countertops are made on the basis of chipboard and their production uses modern postforming technology. Thanks to this, the resulting product combines rich design, aesthetics, ease of assembly and maintenance with durability and resistance to various external factors, including UV rays, thanks to which kitchen countertops do not discolor. Similar features are characterized by glass splashbacks – they are resistant to UV rays and dirt and the imprint on the inside of the glass ensures the highest aesthetic experience.

Is the kitchen counter and splashback resistant to steam?

Water accompanies us with almost every meal. It allows you to make crispy asparagus, warming soup with roasted sunflower and strawberry dumplings. During the preparation of meals, steam can penetrate deep into the worktop, causing the plate to delaminate. Choosing a good kitchen countertop is a concern that no discomfort should appear and that the countertop will not be damaged by its appearance. A glass splashback, unlike tiles on the wall, guarantees complete resistance to water and water vapor.

A resistance to scratches, dents and abrasion?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in the meantime a snack and a quick dessert. During the preparation of these meals we do a lot of activities that can cause dents and abrasion of the kitchen counter or damage to the screen on the wall. It is worth choosing such a kitchen counter and splashback that will cope with such stimuli. Laminates used for the production of countertops should be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of quality standards, according to which homework is allowed. Glass used as a splashback must, however, be hardened, making it highly resistant to any mechanical damage, including breakage.

Is the worktop resistant to detergents, milk, coffee, wine?

As it is said – milk has spilled. But this maxim does not work for high-quality kitchen countertops. Because it is tea, coffee, juice, milk, vinegar or ink – these liquids do not soak into the surface of the laminate and do not create permanent stains. A stone from the heart? Probably yes. And if you add to the fact that the countertops do not react with home-made, delicate cleaning products that do not abrade and damage the laminate, you can say that it can not be better.

Does the kitchen counter and splashback have an antibacterial coating?

Some kitchen countertops are coated with a special antibacterial coating, confirmed by a certificate. This is extremely important when preparing meals for a small child. In the coating technology with an antibacterial coating, an inorganic solution based on silver ions is used, which over time does not undergo modification, which is why it provides antibacterial protection throughout the life of the product. Thanks to the antibacterial coating, more than 99% of bacteria die in just 24 hours. Silver ions are activated when coming in contact with moisture. They kill bacteria on the surface and block the process of cell division, thereby inhibiting bacterial proliferation. Glass splashbacks in their nature are exceptionally comfortable to keep clean and do not have grouts, so that the risk of settling dirt and the formation of clusters of bacteria, mold and fungi is minimized.