Our Favorite Tips for Parents on Party Planning for Children

It is possible to make the difference between smiling and crying at the end of a party by being organized and investing time and energy in planning it. Grapevine provides a variety of concept Escape games. There is something for everybody! There are treasure hunts that children will enjoy and questions and murder mysteries that are suitable for adults. We also have special products for seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas Easter, Summer, and Christmas.

Parties can be fun, or they can become a competition between parents. This leaves little to the children’s needs. Talk to your child about it. But, be realistic and have some suggestions in your back pocket for when they get too excited or if you need to restrain their imagination.


Parents can find this a stressful task for two reasons. You don’t want your child knowing that money is tight. Or, you might have a competition among parents to throw the best party or outdo one another.

These issues can be avoided by setting a budget and involving your child. You should give your child the opportunity to choose from a range of activities within your budget. As long as they have fun, they won’t notice that you bought tablecloths from John Lewis or Asda. They will both look the exact same when they’re done with them.

Fix a date

It can be hard to find a date that all your child’s friends are available due to busy schedules. The first thing you should do is to decide on a date a few months ahead of the party.

You can set a time

It can be hard to decide how long the party should be. This will depend on the age of the children and the activities that are planned. However, parties should generally last around 2 hours. This allows the children to have fun without getting bored or run out of steam.

As children get older, they may want to try something new, such as a sleepover. Keep in mind that you have more time to entertain them, so plan accordingly. You won’t need to entertain everyone all the time. But you will be amazed at how smoothly your party runs when you have enough to keep everyone busy!


Some schools may have rules that require the entire class to attend a specific age, depending on their age. This should be checked before you begin to plan, so you don’t end up with a surprise at the last minute. Also, it’s a good idea to include all children in the planning process so that no one feels excluded.

One friend per year is a better way to view the guest list as they age.

Decide whether you want your parents to stay with you or run away. This will impact the amount of food that you have to prepare and how many extra hands you may need. You can generally assume that parents will stay if the child is younger than 5. If they are older, it is less likely. Make sure to ask or make a note in your invitations.

Theme of the party

It is a great way to get started with your planning and help you create your checklist. A theme can help you choose the decorations that you need, which activities you can adapt, and what entertainment you will require, if any.

Parties can have a variety of themes, from a simple garden party to an elaborate pirate invasion. Children may become more influenced by the TV shows or films they’ve seen as they get older. Do not copy someone in your class, or your best friend’s, and you will either be better than them or it won’t compare. In either case, you’ll feel awful!


The time of the party will determine the type of food that you have to prepare. Every party requires some type of food.

You will have cupcakes or cakes to top it off. But keep the main course simple and balanced. Simple finger foods can be enjoyed well and are easy to prepare. Make sure you also have healthy options. Although most children will eat pizza and crisps, not all children will. You can limit how much sugar your child will consume by getting some savoury foods into their mouths first.


Entertainment can be expensive and complicated. It is important to decide if you want to do it yourself or hire someone else. Doing it yourself is more affordable, but hiring someone to do it for an hour or so can cut down on the stress and remove your desire to pull out your hair.

You should have lots of plans if you plan to do it yourself. It’s amazing how little attention spans can translate into short games. A theme can be a great idea.


Each circle of friends will have different gifts, but you’ll soon get to know the rules. Some people are expected to bring gifts, while others might collect and purchase one gift. Others may also give money to the child if they let you know that they are saving up for something. There is no right or wrong, so don’t be pressured to conform.

Party bags

Many people are curious about how much to spend on party bags and what should be in them.

It was once simple. A few sweets in the bag would satisfy the children. But, it is now at risk of becoming “keeping up with Jones” territory.

You can put whatever you want in the bags. Janine showed us that it doesn’t have to be a bag.


Many parents are worried about their children’s images being posted online in the current social media environment of Facebook and sharing folders. Others will be reluctant to allow cameras around their children.

It’s better to know in advance if you have any problems.

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