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Moving is inherently difficult, but if you combine it with the rainy weather in Singapore, it seems to be a daunting task.When moving in inclement weather, you should take adequate safety measures to avoid unnecessary injury or damage to your valuables.

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Proper precautions taken when moving will always happen in the future. We must not only pay attention to our safety, but also pay attention to the safety of our goods.

To help you and your valuables stay safe in inclement weather, we have listed 5 tips on how to move safely in inclement weather:

Pay attention to the floor to avoid the risk of slipping

This hint seems unnecessary, but if we remember it, we can avoid a lot of harm and damage. Simple things, such as paying attention to the type of floor or cleaning up spilled water, can help. In addition, wearing rubber boots can provide better grip when walking on smooth surfaces.

Negligence when moving is our worst enemy, especially during the monsoon season. When porters and packers in Singapore enter and leave your home, they will also bring wet feet and dirt into your home. By placing a mat outside the door, you can avoid the risk of slipping. You can also level and place additional boxes on the floor in your home for extra grip and safety. During heavy rain, we should use rubber boots to help move things outside.

Use a cardboard box

When moving in the Singapore monsoon, you cannot get a cardboard box. These boxes do not have enough structural integrity to withstand rainwater. They will be destroyed faster. Instead, you should choose cardboard boxes. Although sometimes they tend to be messy, they do a better job than cardboard. You can also use this cardboard box in your new home. Adding a layer of plastic or masking tape helps ensure that the cardboard box remains durable throughout the journey.

Or, packing the box tightly and layering it can make it very slippery, especially in the case of rain. Precautions should be taken when moving this large plastic-packed box. Hiring a trusted moving company in Singapore can help alleviate this problem.

Wrap the furniture in a plastic bag

It is very difficult to move large items such as sofas and closets. Especially when it rains, these large items are more difficult to remove. You should use a blanket or wrap the furniture with several layers of plastic to protect it from rain. If you hire a qualified eraser, they will provide high-quality plastic to protect your furniture. However, if this is not possible, you can safely wrap the furniture with garbage bags and tape.

Wait for the storm or reschedule

If it rains that day, you cannot be a fighter during the journey, and you should try to reschedule. Moving in heavy rain is dangerous for everyone and all related personnel.

The monsoon in Singapore has worsened year by year. Heavy storms and heavy rain are common. If the weather is not conducive to movement that day, you should wait for the storm to stop or significantly weaken. You should meet with your family worker in Singapore and set a date when the weather is relatively clear so that you can move around safely.

Preliminary preparation

Before moving, we must prepare to move. We can start by arranging valuables in advance. Removing it and storing it safely before the move or mover arrives helps us avoid damage or loss of your belongings.

Completing your residence is not limited to your valuables. If you properly organize your goods before you start packing or before the carrier arrives, the transportation process will be smoother. Small changes should also be made, such as moving furniture in and out of the house.

Be prepared to take correct precautions during heavy rain. Even if you are never ready to accept what your mother threw to you, you should check the weather forecast and determine the best time and date to move. With a little preparation, you can avoid the storm and heavy rain.

In summary

Even in the face of the cruel monsoon, moving is not difficult. If you consider all five tips, you can get a quiet and safe mobile experience.

Hiring a professional movers can reduce the burden on your shoulders. You can sit back and relax, and the experienced and reliable Singapore team will help you move.