Here are some tips to help you choose the right patio furniture for your outdoor space.

Patio furniture adds comfort and functionality to outdoor spaces. With a large table and comfortable seating, a basic stone patio can become an alfresco dining area. A porch can be transformed into a second living space during warm months by adding a classic rocking chair and a wicker couch. When complemented by the right patio furniture, even small spaces like balconies or pocket gardens can be a welcome addition to your outdoor space. These tips will help you choose the right outdoor furniture for your patio. Your backyard will become your favorite place for entertaining, lounging, and dining. Wicker Warehouse proudly stocks a wide range of Wicker Patio Furniture, which features exclusive designs from our partner factories. We are also proud to represent many of America’s finest brands such as Lane Venture, Designer Wicker and South Sea Rattan.

Make a list of your patio furniture needs

Start by imagining how your outdoor space should function. Do you want it to be a dining space on hot summer nights? Are you planning to host your next party there? Or your child’s first birthday party? You might also envision a quiet reading corner with comfortable and inviting patio seating, tucked into your outside room.

Patio Seating before You Buy

Before you buy patio chairs or sofas, make sure to sit down. Comfortable patio furniture is essential, especially in the warmer months. Uninviting furniture will make your patio less enjoyable for you and your guests. For maximum comfort, choose pieces that have backs and cushions. You can also cozy up with pillows on metal and wooden furniture. To prevent color-fading and mildew growth, ensure that all fabrics are weather-resistant.

Go for Easy-Care Outdoor Furniture

You can use the majority of your outdoor hours to relax and enjoy your living space, rather than spending time maintaining it. To minimize maintenance, choose patio furniture that is easy to maintain. Metal, teak, cedar, all-weather wicker furniture can withstand any kind of weather. These durable materials can be maintained for many years with a little bit of cleaning. Patio furniture can be adorned with cushions and pillows that are removable so they can be thrown in the washer.

You should think about storage for your patio furniture

You can extend the life span of patio furniture by keeping it in a protected area during the off-season. To prevent further wear and damage, store patio furniture in a shed, garage, basement or shed. Even the most durable patio furniture like teak chairs and wrought-iron sofas will last longer if stored in storage. Patio furniture that folds up or can be taken apart easily for compact storage is a good option if you have limited storage space. Stackable chairs are another option to maximize storage space after the patio season is over.

Mix and match colors for your outdoor decor

You don’t have to stick to the traditional neutrals or wood tones when you buy patio furniture. You can find wicker, metal, and wood pieces in many different colors. You should look for furniture that complements the colors in your landscape, exterior of your home, and other outdoor decor. If you don’t have the right color, a DIY paint job will quickly transform patio furniture. For accent and cushions, use bolder colors. These items are likely to be worn less frequently, which will result in lower wear and a lower cost of replacement.

Quality patio furniture is worth the investment

Patio furniture is a good example of the old saying “You get what you pay” For example, side tables or chairs made of plastic resin might look great on a shelf, but they will eventually become brittle and lose some of their vibrant colors. This is also true for wicker and wood products. Before making a major purchase, make sure to carefully review consumer reviews and read customer reports. You can spend more on the items you will use most frequently if you stick to a budget. You can save money by purchasing smaller accessories like pillows and accent tables.

Outdoor Rugs are a great way to add color and comfort.

Place patio furniture on an all-weather rug to ground it. Many outdoor rugs are now quick-drying thanks to technological advances. An outdoor rug is soft underfoot and has a rich texture. It will bring the comforts of indoors to your deck or patio. To tie your outdoor space together, choose a pattern and color that matches your decor and furniture. Before you buy, make sure it is rated for outdoor use.

Find dual-purpose patio furniture

To make the most of your space, and to save money, choose sturdy furniture. Multifunctional pieces can save you money and allow you to enjoy your outdoor activities. An ottoman or stool for the garden can double as additional seating and can be used to entertain guests. Simple benches can be used as a bench or as a dining area. To make the most of your outdoor space, choose patio furniture that is functional.