Interior Design

Sticker Application Like an Expert

Have you ever experienced difficulty when applying stickers without difficulty, only for them to end up twisted or wrinkled? Here are some helpful suggestions and techniques that will ensure smooth application every time!

Launch Your Project by beginning with a clean surface

Apply the sticker by washing the area you intend to cover using water and soap or a mixture of ruby alcohol (70 percent isopropyl Alcohol) and water; we advise a 50/50 mixture. After using soapy water to wash, thoroughly rinse out until no trace of soapy residue remains; do not use window cleaners, as their residue could reduce efficiency of adhesion of your sticker. Kunlin sticker rolls wholesale offer many models of vinyl sticker rolls for your convenience.

Apply When Temperatures Are Moderate

To achieve optimal results, place the stickers in a shaded location out of direct sunlight and apply only during temperatures that fall between 50F and 90F. For optimal performance, only apply at temperatures that meet these criteria.

Use Masking Tape

Masking tape will help ensure that your stickers are exactly where you want them. With white background paper in place and facing towards where you will apply them, place the sticker exactly where it needs to go and fix its position by placing a piece of masking tape over top of it – this will keep the sticker in its correct spot until peeling it away its backing and lifting slowly like its mounted on hinges before peeling slowly away using one thumb from its middle down toward its base edge.

Use The Wet Method

While smaller decals can often be applied without water, larger or very large stickers require using this method for successful application. After cleaning and wetting down your surface with 5 percent soap/ 95 percent water in a spray bottle, apply your sticker while it is still damp – this prevents it from adhering instantly, allows you to move or retract it when necessary, as well as eliminating bubbles with a squeegee or plastic card and allows any bubbles to pop away more quickly; and will leave behind fixed stickers once its soapy water evaporates leaving only adhesive glue behind and leave fixed decals!

Stay on Top of Transfer Tape

Most stickers we sell feature three layers. 1) Transfer tape is the transparent top layer that adheres to the non-adhesive edge and keeps stickers in place; 2) Stickers make up the middle layer; and 3) backing paper is the bottom white paper layer which adheres to the sticky side.

Prior to applying these types of stickers, it is necessary to press the transfer tape and sticker evenly across it using either a squeegee or plastic card in order to ensure that when installing, the sticker won’t stick to its backing paper and cause problems when installing it. This ensures a proper application.

Once your sticker has been applied, ensure to leave the tape in place for at least 3-4 hours and up to 24 hours before gently peeling it away. In extreme cold, longer time may be needed before taking it off; heating the surface using low temperature blow dryer may speed this up as well.

Are You Suffering From Wrinkles/Air Bubbles

Once your vinyl has been attached to a store card or scraper, use it to smooth its surface, eliminating air bubbles or wrinkles and eliminating wrinkles or air pockets. If necessary, move up any pieces that need moving before gently smoothing their surfaces with something thin that slides underneath gently so as to not risk ripping the vinyl.

If your vinyl won’t move around smoothly and air bubbles won’t pop out using cards, a sharp object may help blow them out – although use this technique only when necessary and in extreme caution.

Smaller sharp parts are preferable as you won’t be able to see any gaps. Give one quick pop with your craft knife, wait a few seconds without moving it around, and give it another quick pop to clear away air so it can be flattened. Make small slits using it before pressing back together again using force; there’s no instruction on this process but many YouTube tutorials provide guidance if needed.

Once applied and satisfied with its outcome, allow the decal to fully dry before making use of it. Wearing glasses? Make sure they’re dry for at least 72 hours before wetting them with water! Enjoy! The length of time a decal lasts depends on which surface is used as its location as well as type of vinyl material chosen to apply it on.