Tips to improve your London office

Many businesses are returning to the real world after the pandemic and resuming operations in London. There are many benefits to working from a central office, whether full-time, part-time, or hybrid-remote. Your company will be able to increase collaboration and set clearer boundaries between home and work. It can also build productive relationships with colleagues in London’s many bars and restaurants. XMX London provides clients with one-stop solution for every aspect of Offices London building requirements. We are located in Central London and strive to be the top in innovation and luxury, as well as comfort and design.

How can you make your London office more appealing to employees so they return to the city for their daily commute? We can help. We’ve done the research, compiled the top four tips and helped you improve your office. Let’s get started.

Keep it clean

Routine cleaning is vital to improve the safety and hygiene of your office. A clean, tidy workplace can promote productivity and improve safety standards. Your colleagues are less likely to do their best work when they are in uninviting and cluttered environments. Many home-workers have children and are looking forward to going back to work.

Use biophilic design

In the midst of London’s concrete jungle, plants can be a great addition to your workplace. They will make it more attractive and more productive. A University of Exeter study found that green workspaces with plants had a 15% higher productivity than those without.

Although you might need to make some changes or think about a post-remote move, these features are perfect for creating a London workspace that is modern and comfortable. They will allow your staff to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Bold and vibrant colors are the best!

You can’t just fill your space with green. A well-designed interior design can make a big difference in your office. No more dark grey walls or overhead lighting. Your staff will have a preference for cosy homes that are their own creations, so it’s time to update the aesthetics.

Wall art with photos and interesting prints can add warmth and personality to the space, which will help employees feel at home as they move from their kitchen offices to the city. It’s a good time to get new headshots and decorate the walls with them. This will help you emphasize your company’s unified culture.

Incorporate social areas

Leaders bring work back to the office to develop team relationships and company culture. As your staff returns to work, it is a good idea to give them designated social areas where they can meet up, collaborate, and get to know one another better than allowing them to just hang out around the water cooler.

You can make simple changes to your workplace environment to ensure your employees are reintroduced to a productive, inspiring, and sociable place. They deserve nothing less after years of suffering from pandemic disruptions. As a business owner, you can ensure that they are happy and productive.