Tips to Maintain Your Sash Windows

Wood sash windows are timeless and have remained in fashion for more than 300 years. Your sliding sash windows will keep your home looking great, no matter if you live in an old house or in a modern apartment. Your sash windows, like fireplaces are an integral part your property’s character. Sash windows can last hundreds of years if they are maintained properly. TRC offers specialist heritage sash windows services including timber window restoration and repair.

Make sure your windows are clean

You are doing something wrong if you use paper towels to clean the glass. You are only moving dirt and creating static on the glass. This will attract more dirt and dust. Glass cleaner and a microfiber towel are the best ways to clean your windows. This method of cleaning is also good for the environment, as you don’t have to use a lot of paper towels.

The external window panes should only be cleaned once to twice per year. Avoid cleaning your windows on sunny days as too much sunlight can dry them too quickly and cause unsightly streaks. Although windows are great for bringing light into your home, it is not possible to see through them.

Regularly paint your windows

Regular painting of timber and sash case windows is a good idea to keep them looking great. To protect your windows from the weather, it is recommended that you re-paint them every 3-4 years. Before applying paint, make sure you clean the windows well.

Stop sticking windows to your home

Sticking is one of the most common problems with sliding sash window. Sash windows should move smoothly up and down. Sticking is not the best idea. A messy paint job will actually seal the window in place. To remove any paint from the window frames or window sills, use a sharp knife to run it along the edge.

Keep your windows insulated

Poorly insulated windows can lose up to 26% heat. Gaps around windows let air in and encourage heat loss from the inside. This can lead to higher energy costs, which is not good. Replacing worn rubber seals on your window insulation will reduce water and air leakage. This will also keep the window in its place. Spray-form insulation can be used to seal your windows. Shutters can also be added to your windows. This will increase security and reduce your energy bills.

Make sure your windows are secure

You can add additional locks to the meeting rails or block the opening of the sashes by fitting stops or blocks. This will prevent children from falling through the windows, which is something that every mother worries about. Sliding sash windows can easily be fitted with child safety restraints that limit the window’s opening distance to keep you and your family safe.

Oil windows to ensure smooth operation

Maintaining your windows in a well-oiled condition will ensure they work smoothly and reduce back pain from trying to remove your window from its stowed position. To ensure that the window moves smoothly and without any hassle, rub wax or oil on the frame, hinges, and interior pulleys. Silicone is a good choice for oiling stuck windows frames because it’s colourless and won’t leave any sticky residue.

Check your windows regularly for rot.

As with all outdoor wooden products, rot is one of the biggest problems that wooden sliding sash windows can face over the long-term. The fungus thrives in wet wood and the more it damages the wood, the more moisture it can penetrate. The wood becomes more visible as the rot penetrates it, most often causing peeling paint or black blemishes. It also weakens its structural integrity. Windows can leak from rotting wood.

This issue can be fixed as long as it is not too severe. Before applying a wood hardener, clean the affected area with a damp cloth. This amazing product is a fast drying liquid that strengthens and reinforces wood that has been decayed or rotten. It is best to have the whole sash window taken out if the damage is severe. Then you can chemically strip the remaining parts and sand them down so that you can keep the ones you want.

Reduce timber decay

Traditionalists will prefer timber sash windows over plastic, as they are more traditional. A timber frame is a durable natural insulation that can last a long time if it is maintained properly.

Timber decay is most commonly caused by moisture. It is best to keep your windows dry and clean to prevent timber decay. There is an easy way to fix any timber decay around your windows. Timber decay can often be found at joiner points and can be treated by indenting new timber sections at the affected areas.

Repair or replace damaged cords

The cords used to hang sashes connect to weights in the hollow sides of cases by connecting them to pulleys. It is easy to replace damaged or broken cords. To replace damaged or broken cords, sashes must be removed from the frame. The new sash cable must have the same diameter as that of the old. To reduce the chance of rot, cotton cord is usually pre-stretched with wax and able to run smoothly.