Home Improvement

Why do you never see Wilson’s face in home improvement?

=== Home Improvement Fan Theories ===

1st Home Improvement Fan Theory [3:15] The reason why you never see Home Improvement’s Wilson’s Face is because he is in the Witness Protection program.

Anthony argues that Wilson’s wife was involved in an unintentional drive-by shooting, caused by the Gangsta Disciples. In exchange for his testimony to convict the leaders of the gang, he was placed in the Witness protection program. Now Wilson waits in Detroit under a fake name until he is given the all clear. We never see Home Improvement’s Wilson’s face as Tim (his neighbor) is a local celebrity and media may be close by waiting to take photos of Tim. If Wilson ever shows his face, an unfortunate photo from the paparazzi may cost him his life.

Some Evidence Put Forward

  • Dr. Wilson W Wilson Jr. Ph.D. is clearly a fake name
  • Wilson is an incredibly learned man in a field of study that is quite obscure, his education is well above the statistical average for Detroit
  • Being born in Chicago, it is highly likely he attended and graduated from University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • Chicago is well known for its gang violence

2nd Home Improvement Fan Theory: [8:54] Tool Time is a Codeword
FAN SUBMISSION – Sent in by Darren to Abstract Nonsense’s Email.

Darren believes that Tool Time is a codeword for either smoking drugs or engaging in homosexual acts.

3rd Home Improvement Fan Theory: [11:38] Wilson is Your Dad

FAN SUBMISSION – Sent in by Madeline to Abstract Nonsense’s Email.

Madeline argues that Home Improvement’s Wilson is the biological father of some or all of Tim’s kids, and the reason we don’t see Wilson’s face is to avoid the children seeing the similarities in their own appearance and Wilson.

This theory also explains why Tim is so macho. It’s because he is compensating for his lack of virility. Great fan theory from Madeline.