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How to clean microcement? Microcement care and maintenance tips

Microcement is recognized for its water resistance and also easy cleaning. With the best maintenance routine, your microcement floors, wall surfaces, and also counter tops will certainly look great and also last for several years. Keep reading to learn what to tidy microcement with, what clean microcement are the most ideal, and also just how to lower mechanical surface wear.

Wait for the microcement and varnish to cure

The application of microcement is fast. An efficient service provider will certainly roll up in less than 2 days on smaller locations. After one more 24 hr, light web traffic is permitted, yet just after 7 days of using the varnish (layer closing the microcement system), the surface is entirely solidified and also immune to water and mechanical aspects. Prior to one week time more than, you have to not place any type of hefty items on the floor nor soak the varnish.

Use furniture pads, clean your shoes of sand, use cutting boards

A microcement floor has similar resistance as a wooden floor. For that reason, it is necessary to properly secure furniture legs. We constantly recommend placing really felt pads to uniformly load furniture. We likewise discourage utilizing steel furniture wheels. Nevertheless, rubber ones will certainly be secure.

It is also essential to clean your shoes well and not carry sand that may damage microcement. We also advise making use of chopping boards for microcement kitchen area countertops.

Remove stains immediately

If you inadvertently splash red wine onto a blonde oak parquet flooring or a carpet, you quickly get rid of the tarnish, right? Do the exact same if you occur to splash intensely colored fluids on the microcement This uses primarily kitchen area floors and also kitchen counters that are subjected to oil, wine, coffee, vinegar or beetroot stains. Stains on the microcement floor can be removed with a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that acetone, vinegar, and also any type of hostile cleaning agents can damage the varnish layer, so never use them!

Use agents suitable to clean microcement

Like any other product, microcement gets unclean and also dirty. Microcement surfaces require to be methodically completely dry vacuumed. For optimum defense, we suggest a special agent for the care of concrete and also microcement floorings, e.g. FESTCleaner. Thanks to its composition, it effectively removes dirt, black shoe marks and numerous kinds of stains. FESTCleaner is composed on the basis of polyurethane, which extremely well cleanses the surface of day-to-day dirt, while leaving polyurethane microparticles externally, which in addition enhances the floor surface. Just how to use it? Just water down 3 caps of liquid in a litre of water, mix as well as use with a mop or sponge. In case of heavy dirt, you can add a dual quantity of liquid. Notably, FESTCleaner has a neutral smell, is eco-friendly (90% naturally degradable) as well as entirely secure. If you have kids or animals in your home, you can be tranquil regarding them. The fluid is rather reliable, one bottle is enough to tidy about 500m2 of surface.

You can also try FASTCalc, a ready-to-use, surfactant-based cleaner for removing limescale, water as well as soap down payments from microcement surface areas, tiles, faucets, toilets, floorings, and so on

Renew the varnish

If the floor is severely damaged or discolored due to hefty use or wrong upkeep, it can be easily renewed. All you need to do is to sand the top varnish layer delicately as well as use a brand-new coat.