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Tips to Stay Organized in a Small House

When living in a small house, it is important to learn how to be creative and innovative when it comes to your storage. If you do not have a ton of space to work with, it really helps to be smart with how you are storing your things in order to maximize the space you do have. It also is helpful to make sure that the things you have are the things you actually need.

If you live in a small house or apartment, there are many factors to consider when it comes to storage. One of the biggest things that can help you when you live in a small place is organization. Organization can make or break how efficient your space is and when you live in a small space, efficiency is key.


Before moving into a small place you have a great opportunity to reevaluate your belongings and to figure out what you really want and need. You have to be wise with the items you have because space is so limited. The space you have is limited, so limiting your stuff is a smart idea. This gives you a chance to donate items and to even sell some stuff for extra cash.

As time goes on we start to accumulate more and more things, many of these things are not even things we need. If you are regularly purging your stuff you will appreciate the things you do have and will not be overwhelmed by stuff. When you live in a small space and have a lot of stuff, it can sometimes feel like you are drowning in things.

You do not need to have a completely minimalist lifestyle in order to implement some of the minimalist ideals into your own life. This not only helps your house have less of a chance to be cluttered, but it also saves you money and helps you to really love the things you have.


When living in a small house you will want to take some time to learn about different organizational strategies. If you do not have a lot of space to work with, things can get stuffed places and lost easily. This is how clutter builds up and when in a small space, even tiny clutter can look like a big mess.

Using bins is a great method for storing things so that they are out of sight. Bins also help with being able to group similar products. Having dedicated bins for cable management or office supplies will allow you to know where things are. Keeping things grouped together makes it easier to store items and it will help you know where things go when you are cleaning up.

When storing any sort of technology like phone chargers, computer chargers, and many of the other various cords and cables we find ourselves accumulating, you will want to store in a way that allows for easy access. Through the use of Velcro cable ties and cable wraps you can organize your cables in a way that they are easy to find and will not get all tangled up.


If you have a small home, you need to make sure that the furniture you have is helping to maximize your storage. When buying furniture you need to consider function over form. Of course, you can still have furniture that is attractive, but you will want to make sure that they can be dual purpose.

If you do not have a ton of floor space available, you will want to get furniture that does not just take up room. A good idea for extra storage is in your furniture. Getting pieces that have hidden storage compartments can be incredibly useful when you need some extra space to store things.

Being Creative in a Small House

Being creative with how you use your space is important when living in a small sized home. A good idea is to maximize your wall space and have hanging wall storage. This allows you to have more floor space and gets things off of the ground. This can be especially useful in your kitchen. If you do not have a ton of counter space, using small wall storage can be good for spice racks or paper towels.

Organization in a small house will be your best friend and by using hook and loop fasteners you can group items and can keep things together. Whether you moved into a small house because you wanted to or because you had to, remember to not get overwhelmed. Through simple storage solutions and organization you can make sure your house is easy to get around and your belongings are easy to find.