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Ultimate Guide on Maximizing Paintable Wallpaper 

Choosing the perfect wallpaper could be time-consuming for many and maybe challenging as it is a broad statement and something you would want to be the best fit according to your personality. Whether it is the color or texture that will complement both your desires.

In this article, we would like to give inputs on how you could use paintable wallpaper in the right way and maximize its potential in every corner of your home. We have underlying tips and tricks that you could try and share with your loved ones and have stunning and amazing results. 

More of Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is proven to be an outstanding type of wall covering option if we are talking about design solutions for many interior dilemmas. 

They have a raised pattern that makes it thicker than a normal wall covering and the best thing about it, the user has the option to top it with their desired paint. Whether it is a glossy one or a regular kind of paint, it is still doable. 

Paintable wallpapers could be used in many parts of the house as a regular house wallpaper in the market. They can be used to redesign your ceilings, wall, hallways as well as bathrooms. 

Furthermore, it is also a type of wall covering that can give a luxurious effect to any room, even if you decide to not paint at all. It is a great way to do some tweaks for your wall and add texture to your project rooms. 

Types of Paintable Wallpapers

They were first used and introduced way back in 1800’s and are still on-trend and in demand in this era. We have listed the popular types of paintable wallpaper that is manufactured by the greatest manufacturers in the market. 


It is an embossed type of wallpaper, molded into paper backing or not printed kind. It is much textured and heavier. It is a perfect choice if you are trying to hide major flaws on your walls. Best used for hallways or spaces with a possibility of high foot traffic due to its durability. 

Tips on installing Lincrusta

  • Since it is heavier than a usual paintable wallpaper, you will need a hand in installing it, and take note that it won’t bend because it may crack. 
  • You will need to do a cut for the back of the strip, measured as the size of your wall. 
  • Make sure to fill each gaps using a paste ( Spackling)
  • Have your mineral spirit and wipe your wall with it. 
  • Prime it using an oil-based primer as latex or acrylic primer won’t work. 


Made up of paper and cotton and a lighter version of paintable wallpaper. Also embossed and have a raised and may have a 3D effect depending on the manufacturer. It has various variants and most of the luxurious and durable brands are found at Mahones Wallpaper Shop

Tips on installing Anaglypta

  • This type of paintable wallpaper could be easily installed like regular wallpaper. 
  • Hang it as you would hang any wallpaper before. 
  • Allow it to rest for 36 hours before painting it to prevent bubbles. 
  • You have the option to not paint it as it will still be good and elegant if you leave it as it is. 
  • If you will paint, remember that you could use any type of paint. 
  • You can use a latex primer before painting. 

Glass Textiles 

It is the most popular type of paintable wallpaper these days due to its simpler way to use. Glass textile paintable wallpaper is made up of fiberglass. A breathable type of wallcovering, environmentally friendly, and fire-resistant too. You could repaint it or touch it up without you tearing it down if you would like to change your color. Furthermore, it could hold cracks and wall damage to your walls making them more stable. 

Tips on installing Glass Textiles 

  • Remove old wallpaper before installing a glass textile wallpaper. 
  • Sand and properly prime your walls.
  • Scrub any panellings, concrete or bricks using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate).
  • Make sure that you fix some cracks or wall imperfections before you hang it. You could use a nonshrinking mud. 
  • You could use enamel, latex or epoxy paints but latex is more appropriate with this kind of paintable wallpaper. 
  • Avoid scrubbing!

Fun effects with Paintable wallpapers

You will be amazed by what this wallpaper type can do for your rooms. It offers fun designs plus the fact that you could choose the color you want. Try and see these tips and tricks;

  • Lay down your first or base coat and then coat it with a darker glaze.
  • Then wipe the glaze off using a rag (soft ). You will then notice a highlighted pattern.
  • You could also use your roller to paint the embossed part of your wallpaper to achieve a beautiful effect. 

Why use paintable wallpapers?

Changeability is the key. In addition, its luxurious effect on your home can offer a finish that you would want even if you use paint or not. 

Another reason is its durability and stability that could last up to 25 years. Paintable wallpaper is also cheaper compared to drywall and a great choice if you would like to skip using wood paneling. 

This masterpiece could protect your walls to have further damage and may serve as an alternative plastic molding for your walls.